You (genious)

Usually energetic soul man You (genious) isn’t so peppy the afternoon of our interview. “Sorry, I’m a little out of it today. I did a house party last night. It was crazy,” the local singer says, staring back across the table like he’s about to fall face first into it. We’re just grateful we’re finally able to catch up with the performer, who’s opened for acts such as Devin the Dude and Blowfly. Judging from past performances, it’s believable that he’s still hurtin’ the next afternoon.

You (genious) throws everything into his music, which tends to get a mixed reaction from crowds. It’s not that he lacks talent; it’s just hard to tell if he’s joking around or not. A la Har Mar Superstar, You (genious) moves his well-dressed, full figure seductively across the stage and delivers ditties about getting ladies and treating ‘em right.

“Well, I take myself seriously,” says the self-proclaimed Misfit of R&B. “I know that I’m a funny guy. It’s just part of my personality, and it comes out in my music.” His music has other charms as well. “Well, what’s one thing women like to get? It’s flowers and candy. Well, I’m not about to bring flowers…So, I went with candy.” At a past show, You (genious) handed out Blow Pops to lucky ladies in the audience. “I do the Blow Pops because my taste is in your mouth all night long,” he says, suppressing giggles. “In order to get through the Blow Pop, you gotta suck the candy to get the chewy gum, so I’m there for at least three hours,” he says. “Unless you have cigarette.”

Studemont Project and Midnight Pilots start things off at 10 p.m. The Proletariat, 903 Richmond Avenue. For information, call 713-523-1199 or visit $5.
Sat., Dec. 22, 10 p.m., 2007


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