Young Americans Comedy Tour

Start your guys’ night out with the Young Americans Comedy Tour. The showcase features four up-and-coming comedians who lean toward testosterone-fueled humor. Leading off the evening is former Skid Row drummer Phil Varone. (Wait, isn’t this the Young Americans Comedy Tour? Dude is like 40 — we’re just saying…) Varone uses his stage time to reminisce (read: brag) about his days on tour. This includes a wide variety of jokes about everything from having sex with groupies on the tour bus to, well, having sex with groupies on the tour bus. “Guys, if you’re dumb enough to let your girlfriend on the tour bus without you, you deserve to taste a mouthful of rock star for the rest of the night.”

As for the other guys, host Mike Young discusses the difference between younger and older women — older women win, thanks to their understanding of one-night stands and their lack of shyness in the bedroom — Bret Ernst waxes comical on all things Italian and Sebastian Maniscalco talks about cell phone technology and his inability to understand the rules of text messaging his girlfriend.


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