Your Family Sucks

When Horse Head Theatre Company was scheduling its new season, local playwright (and frequent Houston Press contributor) Abby Koenig dusted off an idea that first came to her ten years ago, and she finished a script in three weeks. The resulting play, a black comedy entitled Your Family Sucks, has its world premiere this month at War'hous Visual Arts Studios. The story follows a young woman who's obsessed with the world's biggest Hebrew-pop star. In order to get him to notice her, she gets her family on his favorite game show (think a truly dysfunctional Family Feud). The trouble is that her family is a little screwy. Her dad is an alcoholic, her mom is bipolar, her big sister is sexually confused and she herself is, well, she's not only obsessively in love with someone she's never met, she’s bulimic. And yes, it's supposed to be funny. ''That’s the whole thing; because the dad is an alcoholic and the mom is bipolar, you think, 'That's not funny.' But life is so sad that it has to be funny sometimes,'' Koenig tells us. ''Much of the play is the girl trying to convince her family they should go on the show. Eventually, they all come up with very selfish reasons as to why they want to go on the game show. Then they get to the show and everything just sort of falls apart.'' The questions on the show are about the other people in the family. ''For example, what would your mom think is her best dish to make?'' says Koenig. ''And when you have a family that doesn’t talk, where everything is built on lies and nobody knows each other very well, it's hard to get those answers right.''
Thursdays-Saturdays; Mon., Dec. 10. Starts: Dec. 6. Continues through Dec. 22, 2012


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