You too could be this gorgeous
You too could be this gorgeous

Zombie Makeup Tips: In Full Bloody Color with VIDEO (Part I)

This video was shot and edited by Norma Vasquez. It's the first of three we'll be posting on consecutive Tuesdays.

The second annual Zombie Walk Downtown is approaching and we wanted to help you represent well on the journey. It's a chance to do good while looking grotesquely great.

The October 27 walk benefits the Houston Children's Charity, the Houston Humane Society and Dove Key Ranch Wildlife Rehab.

To participate, you'll be asked for a $15 donation, and since you might as well do it in style, here's some makeup help from artist Rick Bongiovanni, who's a master at this stuff.

And now, for the video:

If you want to check out more about the walk, go to the organizers' website.


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