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  • Around 3 million Polish Jews -- about 90 percent of the population -- were killed by the Nazis. A few thousand gentiles sought to save the rest.

    The new Polish film Ida considers this time from the vantage point of 1962, rendered...

  • Films that deal with American slavery often focus on physical violence, projecting psychic scars onto slaves as a consequence of it. There are some movies, though, that more fully concentrate on American slavery's lasting emotional wounds, in...

  • 4 years ago | Film and TV

    Alain Resnais's last completed film, Life of Riley (2014), presents a group of aging friends who plan, hope, wish, dream and scheme after they learn that one of their own is dying. The doomed man, George Riley, never shown onscreen, is enlisted to...

  • It is a tragedy of human existence to be helplessly aware of time's passing, and to lose time during the act of longing for it. Something in this is also funny. For over 60 years Alain Resnais has made sharp and sweet tragicomedies about our...


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