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  • Houston Theater Awards Brings Together the Theater Community

    published Aug 26, 2014

    Emmys who? Houston's thespian community was out in full form last night for the Houston Press' annual Houston Theater Awards. The awards presentation, hosted at the MKT Bar at Phoenicia's, featured an... More >>


    Is Marriage Still Important or Does It Just Make You Miserable?

    published Aug 15, 2014

    Because of the onslaught of positive reviews, I recently felt compelled to check out FX's summer sitcom Married. The plot, a married couple with children, is something I can most certainly relate to a... More >>

  • One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Art: "Transitional Artifacts" at Fresh Arts

    published Aug 12, 2014

    One of the most cliché sayings is that one man's trash is another's treasure. In the case of the evolving display at Fresh Arts by Houston-based collaborative The Center for Imaginative Cartography a... More >>


    The Trivago Guy Is From Houston, of Course

    published Aug 06, 2014

    I was a media buyer in another life, specifically for crappy 1-800 commercials and .com start-ups, so I like to keep up to date on the latest whatsiwhosit you can get for $9.99 or some website that pr... More >>


    Ghostbusters Is 30, and 5 Reasons It's Still the Best Movie Ever

    published Jul 31, 2014

    In case you didn't think you were old, Ghostbusters is about to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Yes. 3-0. If you are like me and you saw it 30 years ago when it was first released, rather than examini... More >>


    No One's Dog at Diverse Works: A Heartbreaking Collection

    published Jul 28, 2014

    As a Houstonian, it's difficult to ignore the plethora of homeless dogs roaming about the city. The actual number of strays, however, is staggering. Over a million homeless animals call the Houston st... More >>


    But Do We All Want to See Your Boobs? #freethenipple (NSFW)

    published Jul 23, 2014

    When I first read about Scout Willis (Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter) posting topless pictures of herself in an effort to shame Instagram's no-nakedness policy, I skimmed and then moved on. Ap... More >>

  • Lawndale's The Big Show Doesn't Disappoint

    published Jul 15, 2014

    For 30 years running, The Big Show at Lawndale has been treating Houston to an exceptional collection of local works in an effort to entice art lovers and put the spotlight on undiscovered artists. Th... More >>


    Does Houston Really Need Any More People?

    published Jul 11, 2014

    Last week, yet another list was released noting all of the amazing things Houston has to offer. This time around the list was released by Business Insider, an online publication widely read in the bus... More >>


    10 Artsy/Cultural Houston-Only Summer To-Dos

    published Jul 04, 2014

    Summer in Houston is, well let's just say the obvious, really freaking hot. Unlike our coasts to the east and the west, the Gulf Coast dampness makes a person want to hibernate indoors from May throug... More >>

  • Lessons for Team USA From 7 Soccer Films

    published Jul 02, 2014

    Despite Ann Coulter's disapproval, the United States has World Cup fever and it's pretty awesome to experience. Across the country people are calling in sick to work and hitting the bars at ungodly ho... More >>


    Think a Play Needs Updating? Ask the Author First or Do Something Else

    published Jun 30, 2014

    The words "cease-and-desist" have seeped into the theater world in the past few weeks, and I feel compelled to chime in not as a blogger but as a playwright. The first legal action was filed against... More >>


    Top 10 Car Racing Movies in Honor of the Grand Prix

    published Jun 26, 2014

    Just in time for Pride Week, Houston is once again hosting the Shell and Pennzoil Grand Prix. That was a joke. What is no joke is the amount of dust these cars will be eating at this year's, now annua... More >>


    Free Stuff to Do With Your Baby This Houston Summer

    published Jun 24, 2014

    Oh the joys of new mommy-hood! Waking up at an ungodly hour, feeding, praying the baby goes back to sleep long enough to pour yourself a cup of coffee and then after, perhaps, another round of feeding... More >>


    James Franco Teaching Online Film Class -- How to Get His Attention

    published Jun 19, 2014

    In case you thought James Franco didn't have enough going on in his life, what with his acting, performance art, painting, getting multiple degrees from Ivy league schools, building houses for homeles... More >>


    Is the Word Faggot Still Offensive?

    published Jun 18, 2014

    The word "faggot" keeps popping up in the news, and each time it's taken just as poorly as the time before. Alec Baldwin used it derogatorily towards a photographer last year. John Lacy who was playin... More >>


    Samuel L. Jackson Reading Go the F**K to Sleep Free Download for Father's Day

    published Jun 13, 2014

    Oh, you completely forgot to get your dad/husband/uncle/grandpa/creepy brother-in-law something for Father's Day and you have little to no time to do so? Worry not grasshopper. Audible, the books-on-t... More >>


    Houston Not a City For Young Creatives, Says New List

    published Jun 06, 2014

    Last week PolicyMic, a website dedicated to the millennial generation, posted a list entitled "15 Cities for Creative 20-Somethings That Aren't New York or Los Angeles." The list includes some obvious... More >>


    The Wil Wheaton Project Can Get Way Nerdier

    published Jun 05, 2014

    A few years ago President Obama said that being smart is cool again. In fairness, the president's smarts, aside from the fact that he is very smart, include B-ballin', hanging with Jay Z, and rapping ... More >>

  • "Fallen Timber" at New Living Beautifully Reclaims Wood

    published Jun 03, 2014

    We all know the old saying, "If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?" What if that tree is taken and turned into something beautiful or functional, then does... More >>


    Is There a Point to LinkedIn's Endorsements?

    published May 30, 2014

    It happened again. Usually it happens about once a month, but sometimes it happens once a day. This week it happened to me five times: I'm talking about getting endorsed on LinkedIn. There's one thi... More >>


    10 TV Shows to Binge Watch This Summer

    published May 28, 2014

    It always makes me sad when another television season comes to a close. It will be a long, hot summer until I get to see some of my TV friends, and even more depressing is that a lot of them won't be ... More >>


    Don't Be Surprised When Jay Z Doesn't Come to Your Memorial Weekend Wedding

    published May 26, 2014

    Let's say this out loud and not feel bad about whomever's feelings this may hurt because really they know, and if they don't, they need to: Getting married over Memorial Day weekend is sort of selfish... More >>


    My Babies Watched TV. Am I a Bad Mother?

    published May 26, 2014

    A few years ago my husband and I had lunch with some friends and their children. Their youngest son spent the entirety of our meal watching a Nickelodeon show that neither one of us could pronounce on... More >>


    Wherever Mad Men Is Going, I'm Going Too

    published May 20, 2014

    This has been an interesting season for AMC's Mad Men, but I'm OK with that. In fact, I really like wherever it's all going. As we count down until the final episode of this season (let's just call it... More >>

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