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  • Cat Fancy: History's Craziest Cat Lovers

    published Jun 08, 2011

    Art Attack wanted to take a moment to congratulate Andy Senor for landing the much-coveted position of Purina Cat Chow's Cat Correspondent." Yes, you read that correctly, he is a cat correspondent. Th... More >>

  • Print Is Not Dead: Zine Fest Houston This Weekend

    published May 18, 2011

    A famous man once said "Print is dead," and that man was Egon from the Ghostbusters movie, which was filmed over 20 years ago when the word "blog" would have sounded like gibberish. Back then, if you ... More >>

  • Poetry

    published May 19, 2011

    “What does it mean…to be writing poetry when prospects of an ongoing future seem dismal?” This is the question that award-winning... More >>

  • Post-Apocalypse's Awesomest Scenerios Actually Coming True

    Post-Apocalypse's Awesomest Scenerios Actually Coming True

    published May 17, 2011

    Last week, Rice University professor Brent Houchens spent seven days living in a self-contained, portable shelter that was designed by his students. He tasked the class with putting together a workin... More >>

  • Random Acts of Child Manipulation

    published May 16, 2011

    Last week, Good Morning America opened up a flood gate when it aired a story about a San Francisco mom who gives her 8-year-old daughter Botox shots. Apparently, the mother buys the Botox online and a... More >>

  • Arts Funding Cuts; Houston Still Has a Few Cards to Play

    published May 12, 2011

    By now you've probably heard about the proposed state cuts to the Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) and all of the ways it will hurt arts organizations in Texas. If not, here is a brief recap in "pok... More >>

  • 100 Creatives: Robert Ellis

    100 Creatives: Robert Ellis

    published May 12, 2011

    What he does: To say that Robert Ellis plays just "country music" is like saying Dylan just plays "folk." Ellis' style of alt-country touches multiple genres of music that seem to span way before his... More >>

  • Volunteer Group Pushes for Washington Avenue to Become Officially Artsy

    published May 11, 2011

    It started with a street sign. Last spring, the First Ward Civic Council, a group of residents and supporters of the Washington Avenue corridor arts district, insisted that the city display street sig... More >>

  • NANO Fiction Reading Series Embraces The Micro

    NANO Fiction Reading Series Embraces The Micro

    published May 09, 2011

    Tuesday marks the final installment of NANO Fiction's live reading series until the fall. Now in its fourth season, the NANO Fiction Reading Series brings to life the bi-annual publication of the sa... More >>

  • Celebrity Siblings Who Got the Shaft

    Celebrity Siblings Who Got the Shaft

    published May 05, 2011

    This weekend, comedian and Dave Chapelle pal Charlie Murphy will be performing at the Improv. If you've seen Charlie on Chapelle's Show, you know of his brilliant re-tellings of "True Hollywood Stori... More >>

  • “Musicians Who Make Art”

    published May 5, 2011

    “Musicians Who Make Art” is the latest artistic endeavor from Melissa Noble, guest curator for the show opening at the Art Car... More >>

  • Celebrate Mother's Day With the Worst TV Moms

    published May 03, 2011

    We grew up with them, respected them and learned valuable lessons from them that were generally accompanied by cheesy, soft rock music. They are our second moms; the ones on television. Some televisio... More >>

  • Emily Johnson's "The Thank-You Bar," Wading In the Deep End

    published Apr 29, 2011

    You never know what to expect when you walk into a modern dance/performance art installation that describes itself as "a jukebox, a roadside bar and a fish that never dies," but don't expect any of th... More >>

  • Ricki Lake May Be Back; But Don't Ask Her To Dance the Bug

    Ricki Lake May Be Back; But Don't Ask Her To Dance the Bug

    published Apr 25, 2011

    Ricki Lake announced last week that she would once again start waking up before noon and return to daytime television. Her new talk show is slated to begin the fall of 2012. This is not really much o... More >>

  • David Sedaris Is Just As Funny In Bed

    David Sedaris Is Just As Funny In Bed

    published Apr 19, 2011

    If you are a David Sedaris fan and have some extra cash lying around, you have already gotten your tickets to his SPA-sponsored performance tonight at Jones Hall. If you are like the many broke Sedar... More >>

  • The Houston Symphony Shines with Mendelssohn's "Scottish"

    published Apr 18, 2011

    This weekend the Houston Symphony presented three pieces in its classical series including Sibelius's "Violin Concerto in D minor" and Mendelssohn's famous composition "Scottish." The crowd was fortun... More >>

  • The Baby Video Virus: Why Is America Ga Ga Goo Goo Over Babies?

    published Apr 15, 2011

    At first, it seemed like an innocent 24-hour bug, but as soon as it
 was gone another one hit. Now it's become an epidemic. You've probably
 been afflicted by it too, in your email, on your Face... More >>

  • HGO Got $4 Million, What Would You Do With the Money?

    HGO Got $4 Million, What Would You Do With the Money?

    published Apr 14, 2011

    This past weekend, The Houston Grand Opera received some amazing news to the tune of a $4 million dollar donation. Major philanthropic figure and good friend to the HGO Margaret Alkek Williams has ple... More >>

  • Low-Budget Brilliance: Some of Our Favorite Local Commercials

    Low-Budget Brilliance: Some of Our Favorite Local Commercials

    published Apr 13, 2011

    While watching the morning news, Art Attack stumbled upon yet another wonderful local commercial, this time from Platinum Pools. It's hard to describe what made it so bizarrely amazing, we'll try and... More >>

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