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    The Fall TV Schedule Breakdown

    published May 19, 2014

    It's Upfronts season and the television world is buzzing with fall premiere possibilities. It's a nice time for the TV execs because right now, in this moment, not one of their new programs has been w... More >>


    The Male Tummy Tuck Is a Thing, But Maybe That's Okay

    published May 16, 2014

    Every once in a while I begin to receive press releases from incredibly random companies based on posts I've written that are loosely related to the field they represent. I don't have any problem with... More >>

  • Seven Movies We Want to Un-See

    published May 14, 2014

    You know those moments in your life when you wish you could go back in time and relive them, except completely differently? Or rather you could go back and those moments just wouldn't ever happen? Hav... More >>


    Mother's Day Wish List for New Moms

    published May 08, 2014

    In my very short three months as a new mother, I have already come to realize that this is a thankless job. More thankless now, I assume, as my twin babies cannot speak. And while I don't normally con... More >>


    Making Fun of the Silicon Valley Makes for Great TV

    published May 02, 2014

    First things first: If you are not watching HBO's new comedy Silicon Valley, get on it. Now three episodes in, the show is proving to be one of the funniest HBO has released in some time. The show fol... More >>

  • PrintHouston's Kick Off Event Rocked!

    published Apr 29, 2014

    This past Sunday kicked off Houston's unofficial "print season," with a print event that totally rocked. OK, lame joke. PrintHouston 2014 opened its city-wide summer print spectacular with Rockin' Rol... More >>

  • In Praise of Annie Baker and Other Female Playwrights Seen Increasingly in Houston's Theaters

    published Apr 29, 2014

    Last week the Pulitzer Prize winners were announced, and the award for drama went to playwright Annie Baker. The play that won Baker this year's coveted top prize is a drama called The Flick, a three-... More >>


    1984 Movies We Want to See on the Big Screen

    published Apr 23, 2014

    This month Alamo Drafthouse is sending viewers back 30 years (Good lord, do I feel old) to celebrate some of what it considers the best movies of 1984. Throughout the entire month, movies such as A Ni... More >>


    TV Has So Many Daddy Issues

    published Apr 16, 2014

    (WARNING: Spoilers) Last week saw the conclusion of the fifth season of FX's most underrated show, Justified, and fans of the program finally got the confession they have been waiting to hear for five... More >>


    Rehoming a Dog in Houston Is Not an Easy Task

    published Apr 07, 2014

    My husband and I rescued our dog Sadie from the Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Rescue organization. I had had bull terriers as a kid and recalled loving them like crazy. Sadie doesn't look like the classic a... More >>


    Breastfeeding Mom Has Beer, Gets Arrested. Seriously?

    published Apr 02, 2014

    As a new mother, I can attest that spending nine months pregnant had its challenges. Some women absolutely love it and some don't. I fell more on the "don't" side of the spectrum. I missed turkey sand... More >>


    Pop Rocks: U.S. Economy Looks Blah But Your Ass Looks Great

    published Mar 27, 2014

    This week's Gallup Economic Confidence Index was released yesterday with complete stagnation from the week prior. While no news is also good news, this doesn't mean we are all excited over the country... More >>


    Movies with Recently Deceased Actors: A Weird and Wonderful Thing

    published Mar 25, 2014

    Last week, the second trailer for the soon-to-be released film Brick Mansions hit the intertubes. It appears to be your typical cop/revenge action flick, probably a lot of mindless fun. What the big t... More >>


    Stupid Advice About "Marrying Smart" in New Book

    published Mar 19, 2014

    Last week, collegiate women everywhere were offered some advice that seemed to be sent via mimeograph directly from 1955. Author Susan Patton, who dubs herself "The Princeton Mom," released her book M... More >>


    Puking Isn't Just for St. Paddy's Day

    published Mar 17, 2014

    I know that to many people who actually celebrate St. Patrick's Day in earnest, the holiday dedicated to the death of the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, is a time of family celebration and Ir... More >>


    WhatsApp With Facebook Taking Over the World?

    published Mar 13, 2014

    I try my best to keep up with all the web goings-on that the kids are into: For one, it's a part of my job and for two, it makes me feel not so old. But I won't lie; I had never even heard the word Wh... More >>


    What's the Deal With All These Bible Movies?

    published Mar 10, 2014

    There's one thing you can say about Hollywood: When they get on a kick, it's like a soccer championship death match. In recent years they've given us vampires and not just a few but an entire cemetery... More >>


    Celebrities Tell Magazines: "Stop Looking at My Baby Unless You Pay Me!"

    published Mar 06, 2014

    I just finished reading Alec Baldwin's piece in New York Magazine in regards to his dismay over public life. After reading all about the massive cross he has to bear by being a celebrity that makes mi... More >>


    Too Many C-Sections Going On, Say New Guidelines

    published Feb 28, 2014

    When I first found out that I was pregnant with twins, a friend emailed me, "Don't let your doctor force you into a C-section." This statement meant nothing at the time as the bulk of my brainpower wa... More >>


    10 Movies to Give You Some Houston Rodeo Fashion Inspiration

    published Feb 27, 2014

    Every Houstonian knows that If you are driving down I-45 as February turns into March and you just happen to pass a line of cattle holding up traffic, it's rodeo time. Giddy up, people. This weekend o... More >>


    Ronan Farrow Is a Millennial Journalist for the Millennials

    published Feb 25, 2014

    Ronan Farrow may still need an introduction, but he's been gunning to change that. This week, he premiered his new MSNBC show, Ronan Farrow Daily, at the noon central slot. I will fully admit that m... More >>


    Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show Premiere; Sugary and Sweet

    published Feb 18, 2014

    It's been a long time in the making, but last night The Tonight Show finally saw its new host, Jimmy Fallon, take the reins. Last year, NBC announced that long-time host Jay Leno would be stepping dow... More >>


    This Kay Jewelers Commercial Makes Me Want to Punch Society in the Face

    published Feb 11, 2014

    With the Valentine's holiday merely days away, it has officially become Kay Jewelers season. The diamond propaganda machine is working on overdrive to convince all of you men out there that the only t... More >>


    Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Are Opening Their Doors in Houston and Elsewhere

    published Feb 04, 2014

    I don't know about you, but if there is an insanely long line to use the women's restroom -- and there always is -- I will just jump in the men's room to do my business. It never seems like a big deal... More >>

  • “50 Shades of Green”

    published January 16, 2014

    Noted art collector Peggy Guggenheim is credited with saying, “My knowledge of art ended at impressionism.” Guggenheim was a... More >>

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