Alan Scherstuhl

Alan Scherstuhl

Alan Scherstuhl is film editor and writer at Voice Media Group and its film partner, the Village Voice. VMG publications include LA Weekly, Denver Westword, Phoenix New Times, Miami New Times, Broward-Palm Beach New Times, Houston Press, Dallas Observer and OC Weekly.

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  • 12 hours ago | Film and TV

    You can’t expect a storyteller to wring much suspense out of a real-life plot to assassinate Hitler. In the case of Georg Elser, the subject of Oliver Hirschbiegel’s German drama 13 Minutes, the filmmakers must contend not just with the fact that ...

  • 5 days ago | Film and TV

    A white man sits in an observation car and marvels at the hilled vastness of a Dakota. He says he prizes “the therapeutic value of the plains” and that in hard times — like now, as his relationship with his partner seems to be fraying — he returns...

  • At least Rough Night, Lucia Aniello's dutifully raucous new bachelorette-party comedy, achieves verisimilitude. It's a rough watch and an evening killer, this film about friends who seem not to love, like or even really know one another....

  • Here's something I never guessed I would say: It might be worth going into the new Cars movie spoiler free. At its climax, Cars 3 eases into a surprising new gear new and takes a hard turn into becoming the movie that, during its...

  • 11 days ago | Film and TV

    Alan Clarke’s once-banned, twice-filmed Brit scandal, Scum, stands as one of the great films about boys and violence, about the allure and horror and inevitability of young toughs seizing power by smashing some skulls — and replicating, in their o...


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