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  • 5 years ago | Film and TV

    "Making these films is a sport," says veteran documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman, who at 83 years old remains at the top of his game. "You have to be on your feet, running around, carrying equipment, for 16 to 17 hours a day. It's never easy....

  • 9 years ago | Film Reviews

    Sophie Barthes's clever metaphysical comedy Cold Souls has been dubbed "Being Paul Giamatti" more than once since its Sundance 2009 debut. But if comparisons to the films of Charlie Kaufman are inevitable, the similarities only go so far. Sure, Pa...

  • 10 years ago | Film Reviews

    The most recent example of bleak chic, Fernando Meirelles's mostly harrowing adaptation of José Saramago's international bestseller Blindness mixes the high-velocity pace and stylishness of the Brazilian director's breakout City of God with...


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