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  • One Hot Texican Summer (or the Summer I Found Out I was Mexican)

    published July 1, 2010

    At the age of seven, playwright Alvaro Saar Rios had a hell of an epiphany. "We were listening to the radio, dad was playing some ranchera... More >>

  • Gone with the Pope

    published June 24, 2010

    Absurd sex and violence, over-the-top antihero gangsters, a distinct '70s style and a plot to kidnap the man whom Catholics believe to be God's... More >>

  • Houston LGBT Pride Parade

    published June 24, 2010

    The annual Houston LGBT Pride Parade (this year's theme: "Pride, Not Prejudice") will be the 32nd incarnation of the yearly celebration.... More >>

  • "Because We Are"

    published June 17, 2010

    Disease, hatred and official discrimination - much of the art in the Station Museum's "Because We Are" exhibit draws defiant grace from... More >>

  • Annie Cohen-Solal: Leo & His Circle: The Life of Leo Castelli

    published June 10, 2010

    When you've helped launch the careers of artists like Jasper Johns and James Rosenquist, it's safe to say you're pretty damn influential. Iconic... More >>

  • MKUltra

    published June 3, 2010

    Yes, at FrenetiCore's MKUltra ,a vivid, unique theater experience, you'll get some actual drugs; no, that isn't the only reason you... More >>

  • Andy Bradley and Roger Wood: House of Hits

    published June 3, 2010

    It doesn't matter if you're a music nerd or neophyte: Andy Bradley and Roger Wood can teach you some fascinating things about... More >>

  • Birdemic Shock and Terror

    published May 20, 2010

    Birdemic: Shock and Terror is to Avatar as Weird Al is to the Brandenburg concertos. In the digitally shot movie, a young... More >>

  • Blaffer Art Gallery: "First Take: Jacco Olivier"

    published May 13, 2010

    It almost feels like Dutch artist Jacco Olivier has invented a new form of art. A cross between a traditional painter and a filmmaker, Olivier... More >>

  • "American Women"

    published April 29, 2010

    Aerosol Warfare Gallery fights domestic violence with the multi-artist show "American Women." "The artwork isn't dark at all," gallery... More >>

  • Murals Under the Stars

    published April 22, 2010

    With the help of some nifty technology, Murals Under the Stars will bring some of Mexico's greatest wall art to Discovery Green. The... More >>

  • The Warriors

    published April 15, 2010

    A mime in a baseball outfit wouldn't normally be intimidating, but in the world of The Warriors, guys like that are deadly. The... More >>

  • "Ed Wilson: Architecture of Death"

    published March 18, 2010

    Ed Wilson knows how to create beautiful sculpture, but his "Architecture of Death" exhibit won't let you forget the terrible inspiration... More >>

  • Kevin Smith

    published March 4, 2010

    Kevin Smith, epic nerd and director of films like Chasing Amy and Dogma, recently made news for being too fat to be seated on... More >>

  • Chopin's 200th Birthday Celebration

    published February 25, 2010

    Less ardent music lovers might have a hard time relating to the level of passion pianist Adam Golka has for Romantic composer... More >>

  • Holi 2010: The 3rd Annual Festival of Colours

    published February 25, 2010

    Have you always wanted to try throwing powder at strangers, but are afraid of the social and legal repercussions? Then mark Holi 2010: The 3rd... More >>

  • Debutantes Run Wild Gala

    published February 18, 2010

    Dylan sang about a debutante who just knows what you need, but DiverseWorks knows what you want: a formal-style fund-raiser with a sense of... More >>

  • "Maurizio Cattelan"

    published February 11, 2010

    Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan tweaks reality in smart, occasionally grotesque ways, constructing send-ups of religion, politics and art itself... More >>

  • "Skeez 181: 1000 Faces"

    published February 4, 2010

    Skeez 181's art career is an anomaly: Eighteen years as a talented artist have yielded countless canvases, commissions and sculptures, but zero... More >>

  • "El Anatsui: New Installation"

    published January 28, 2010

    El Anatsui's work is about as trashy as it comes. For years, the African artist and professor worked in a variety of mediums, but it was only a... More >>

  • Gulf Coast Reading Series: Rebecca Wadlinger, Will Donnelly and Briana Rochelle Olson

    published January 21, 2010

    There's a good chance Rebecca Wadlinger will try to win you over at today's installment of the Gulf Coast Reading Series. "My general rules... More >>

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