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  • “National Geographic’s Real Pirates”

    published May 22, 2014

    To an entire generation, the word “pirate” brings to mind an effete but basically harmless Johnny Depp with historically inaccurate... More >>

  • Manhattan Short Film Festival

    published September 25, 2014

    Film festivals aren’t usually thought of as examples of democracy in action, but the Manhattan Short Film Festival certainly... More >>

  • St. Lawrence String Quartet

    published September 25, 2014

    Hugely influential in the development of chamber music, Franz Joseph Haydn was known as “the father of the string quartet.” The St.... More >>

  • ROCO Alive in Concert: Once Upon a Time

    published September 25, 2014

    The River Oaks Chamber Orchestra opens its tenth season with ROCO Alive in Concert: Once Upon a Time. The program includes the world... More >>

  • Soul Brother No. 1 Was a Complicated Dad, Says New Book

    published Sep 30, 2014

    James Brown was, of course, the Godfather of Soul and The Hardest Working Man in Show Business. But all that he worked to grab those titles over decades seemed to come crashing down through much of th... More >>

  • The Piano Guys

    published September 18, 2014

    Marketing professionals will tell you that often, simplicity and directness is the key to establishing brand identity. So if you buy a ticket to... More >>

  • John Sebastian & Lightnin' Hopkins: The Odd Couple

    published Sep 25, 2014

    "Houston had a special message for me as a young musician, and it came directly through Lightnin' Hopkins," John Sebastian says from his home in New York. But the former front man of the '60s band t... More >>

  • Revisiting Johnny Winter's Hell-Raising Memoir

    Revisiting Johnny Winter's Hell-Raising Memoir

    published Sep 24, 2014

    Raisin' Cain; The Wild and Raucous Story of Johnny Winter By Mary Lou Sullivan Backbeat Books, 384 pp., $24.99 As is the case when any musician dies, widespread interest in his or her career and cata... More >>

  • Afro-Cuban Beats Power Medeski & Friends' Juice

    published Sep 23, 2014

    As fans of the jazz/funk trio Medeski Martin & Wood know, the band likes to improvise, a big reason why they're also a hit on the jam-band circuit. But dancing on the edge of a musical cliff isn't al... More >>

  • Joe Bonamassa Is Feeling Different Shades of Blue

    published Sep 22, 2014

    If you were searching for Joe Bonamassa's new record Different Shades of Blue in an actual record store (remember those?), you'd likely find it in the "Blues" section. But like most of the work he's p... More >>

  • Totally True Tales of Classic-Rock Debauchery!

    Totally True Tales of Classic-Rock Debauchery!

    published Sep 19, 2014

    Come with me now, rock music fan, to visit a bygone time of yore. Imagine a time when radio station program directors could actually program their radio stations. When artists both on the rise and hu... More >>

  • Overkill Schools Us on Classic East Coast Thrash-Metal

    Overkill Schools Us on Classic East Coast Thrash-Metal

    published Sep 16, 2014

    As the screamin' front man for New Jersey thrash-metal legends Over Kill since the group's formation, Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth has seen, experienced, and learned a lot in three and a half decades. So ... More >>

  • The Texas Tenors

    published September 11, 2014

    Power trios are nothing new in rock and roll, but for opera, they’re a relatively rare combination. On the heels of the Three Tenors and the... More >>

  • Flying High

    published September 4, 2014

    The story of poor, doomed Icarus — and how his hubris caused him to fly too close to the sun, which melted his wax-and-feather wings,... More >>

  • The Brazilian Festival

    published September 4, 2014

    Brazil has been in the news a lot lately, thanks to some sports match they had down there. Houston’s Brazilian Festival gives those... More >>

  • Pop's History in 624 Pages, Plus One Very Loud Who Book

    published Sep 10, 2014

    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!: The Story of Pop Music from Bill Haley to Beyoncé By Bob Stanley W.W. Norton, 624 pp. $29.95 Well, that's not an ambitious title or anything, now is it? Especially when music jour... More >>

  • Southern Rock Gets a New Bible in Southbound

    published Sep 05, 2014

    While there are plenty of musicians, record collectors and journos who will argue (as only musicians, record collectors and journos can) that all rock is "Southern rock" due to its geographical origin... More >>

  • "Summer of Epic Adventure: The Sequel"

    published June 12, 2014

    With superheroes of all sorts, shapes, colors and cuts of cape crowding movie theaters this summer, it’s not surprising that champions of a... More >>

  • Confessions of Bob Dylan's Ex-Joint Roller

    published Sep 03, 2014

    Another Side of Bob Dylan: A Personal History on the Road and Off the Tracks By Victor Maymudes, co-written and edited by Jacob Maymudes St. Martin's Press, 304 pp., $26.99 From 1961 to 1966, Victor ... More >>

  • The Supertramp Mystique Extends to Instrumental Records, Too

    published Aug 29, 2014

    Singer/guitarist Carl Verheyen probably hasn't ever needed to file for unemployment with the musicians union. After a couple of decades as a sought-after studio axeman, he launched a solo career more ... More >>

  • Super Duper Alice Cooper More Than Just Snakes and Golf

    published Aug 27, 2014

    Super Duper Alice Cooper Directed by Reginald Harkema, Scot McFadyen, and Sam Dunn Eagle Rock, 127 mins, $14.98 DVD/$19.98 Blu-Ray Vincent Furnier was a shy, churchgoing, high-school track star and ... More >>

  • Crosby, Stills & Nash at Bayou Music Center, 8/25/2014

    Crosby, Stills & Nash at Bayou Music Center, 8/25/2014

    published Aug 26, 2014

    Crosby, Stills & Nash Bayou Music Center August 25, 2014 "I don't know how people got this idea that we are a political band," David Crosby -- trademark flowing grey hair and walrus mustache intact -... More >>

  • Summer of Epic Adventure—The Sequel—Episode 10: Brain Games

    published August 14, 2014

    Unite, Bayou City do-gooder kids! The pint-size villain Malicious has been attacking the city all summer and he isn’t done yet, the... More >>

  • Grown-up Storytime #69

    published August 14, 2014

    We can’t tell you exactly what to expect at Grown-up Storytime #69, the popular BooTown Theatre Group’s regular series of... More >>

  • Inside CSNY's Groundbreaking 1974 Tour

    Inside CSNY's Groundbreaking 1974 Tour

    published Aug 22, 2014

    "We knew it was something special," Graham Nash says on the phone from New York City. "No one had done a tour like that, in that many big venues. But I felt we were up to the task. We could all play a... More >>

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