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1995 Stories by Bonnie Gangelhoff

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  • Pagodas on the Prairie

    published September 14, 1995

    It's noon on the first day of dove season, and hunters in green and brown camouflage are packed into the Live Oak Restaurant & Bar on Highway... More >>

  • The Worst Judge in Harris County?

    published August 31, 1995

    It's 1:30 in the afternoon, and the judge is staring out ominously over the courtroom. A faint smile crosses her lips. She wears black robes and... More >>

  • Thelma, Louise and Sybil?

    published July 20, 1995

    The saga of Joyce Carolyn Stevens and Rose Marie Turford seemed odd enough from the moment it began surfacing in May. Stevens, a 30-year-old... More >>

  • Diagnosis

    published July 6, 1995

    It was the spring of 1990, Alison Roome has said, when she was told that she might have been a member of a satanic cult and participated in... More >>

  • American Woman

    published June 1, 1995

    First there was the Yugoslavian writer. Then came the Pakistani on a bicycle. Finally, there was the handsome Turk who proposed marriage and a... More >>

  • La Bare-ing It

    published May 25, 1995

    On a hot and humid evening last week, the two local performance artists who call themselves the Art Guys invaded La Bare, a Galleria area "ladies... More >>

Archives: 1996 | 1995