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  • Phil Ochs: There But for Fortune

    published May 19, 2011

    The documentary Phil Ochs: There But for Fortune details the turbulent two-decade career of Phil Ochs, a folk singer who rose to... More >>

  • Rubber

    published May 5, 2011

    There have been a series of murders and animal mutilations. The suspect’s name is Robert, he stands about two feet tall and he’s a tire.... More >>

  • Discovery Green

    published April 28, 2011

    Nestled in downtown Houston, Discovery Green is full of recreation and entertainment. Visitors can view international and local music... More >>

  • Babushka

    published April 21, 2011

    While Kazakhstan, the last country of the former Soviet Union to declare its independence, presses into the future, its past lives on in the... More >>

  • LUMA: The Human Light Show

    published April 21, 2011

    As a teenager during the ’70s, Michael Marlin made a living as a juggler on the mean streets of Houston. Like any beginning performer, he... More >>

  • Shell Houston Open

    published March 31, 2011

    The greens will be as good as gold when the Shell Houston Open begins play at the Redstone Golf Club. Anthony Kim, a native Texan, defeated... More >>

  • Enemies of the People

    published March 31, 2011

    Theth Sambath was just ten years old when he fled Cambodia in the late ‘70s, after his parents were killed in the Khmer Rouge genocide. They... More >>

  • Fahrenheit 451

    published March 31, 2011

    In a world where houses don’t burn, there isn’t much for a fireman to do, except harass intellectuals and burn books — at least,... More >>

  • “A Twenty Year Survey: Mark Bradford”

    published February 24, 2011

    For the past 22 years, Mark “Scrapdaddy” Bradford has had an entry in every Art Car Parade, but “Mark David Bradford: aka... More >>

  • “Lisa Gralnick: The Gold Standard”

    published February 24, 2011

    In the exhibition “Lisa Gralnick: The Gold Standard,” Gralnick explores our complicated relationship with the precious metal. One... More >>

  • “2011 Core Exhibition”

    published February 24, 2011

    See if you can spot the winner of the prestigious Long prize, which includes a $10,000 cash award, at this year’s eagerly anticipated... More >>

  • Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story

    published February 17, 2011

    In 2004, at age 16, Cyntoia Brown murdered a man. Tried as an adult and found guilty, she’s currently serving a life sentence in a Nashville... More >>

  • “Tom Berg”

    published February 17, 2011

    Where some people see a chair, Tom Berg sees art. Working in Wyoming during the late ‘70s, Berg was painting a lot of landscape pieces, but... More >>

  • The Love Tunnel

    published February 10, 2011

    Dating, flirting and loving get a going-over in The Love Tunnel, A Comedic Journey through Relationships by the Pendulum Theatre... More >>

  • The Dark Side of Chocolate

    published February 10, 2011

    See the sour side to the sweet industry in the 2010 documentary by Miki Mistrati and U. Roberto Romano, The Dark Side of Chocolate,... More >>

  • Second Course: Winter Mixed Repertory

    published February 10, 2011

    For Dominic Walsh, two is often better than one. “When you find like-minded people working together, what you can create is more interesting... More >>

  • “Revenge of the World, New Work by Gabriel Dieter”

    published February 3, 2011

    Gabriel Dieter spent four years on his exhibit “Revenge of the World, New Work by Gabriel Dieter” at Domy Books, made up of some... More >>

  • The Asle Roe Trio

    published February 3, 2011

    Jazz enthusiasts will get a taste of Norwegian-influenced grooves when the Asle Roe Trio takes the stage today at Cezanne. Guitarist Asle... More >>

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