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2000 Stories by Brian Wallstin

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  • Graham's Goree Details

    published December 28, 2000

    This just in: Prison sucks. So says Patrick Graham, a con artist serving a ten-year sentence for attempting to swindle $150,000 from a woman... More >>

  • Catch Us If You Can

    published November 9, 2000

    Steve Chesser waited until after his children had gone to school that September 1 morning. Then he beat his wife, Maria, very carefully -- he knew... More >>

  • Future Shock

    published November 9, 2000

    For decades Texas and other states treated the mentally ill by giving them "asylum" in a hospital or institution. That changed in the 1960s, when... More >>

  • The Way Back

    published November 9, 2000

    Bruce Stohr didn't know it at the time, but his mental illness first came on when he was in high school. Even for a hormonal teenager, Stohr was... More >>

  • A Deadly Passion

    published September 7, 2000

    She had shoulder-length dark brown hair, looked to be in her late twenties and was wearing only a camisole. It looked like a suicide. Los... More >>

  • Renovated Out of Existance

    published July 6, 2000

    Cleola Williams has greeted almost every day of her 60 years in the same wood-frame cottage, two rooms wide and three rooms long, on Edwards... More >>

  • Loose Cannon?

    published June 8, 2000

    This is a story that breathes life into an old saw: No good deed goes unpunished. It also proves that you can't believe everything you read in the... More >>

  • Let's Make A Deal

    published June 1, 2000

    Fred Rizk has known his share of blowhards over the course of his career as a real estate developer, but he couldn't help but be impressed when he... More >>

  • Absent a Mother

    published April 20, 2000

    Karen Shrader has not seen her children since April 1997, when she stopped by Lindsay Park in Tyler on a cool day to watch Nicholas and Allison... More >>

  • Demolished Dreams

    published March 9, 2000

    Like most of the rental houses in the Freedmen's Town section of the Fourth Ward, the two-story duplex at 1023 Bailey Street hadn't received much... More >>

  • Lard Have Mercy?

    published January 27, 2000

    There is, within the realm of such things, a particularly noxious form of liquid waste called grease, grit and septage, or, as it's sometimes... More >>

  • Doug's Deals

    published January 20, 2000

    Nearly a year ago, when we last checked on Doug Williams, the real estate consultant had just quit a job with Post Properties, citing the... More >>

  • Slow Turning

    published January 13, 2000

    Sometime this year the investigation of Houston Renaissance, Inc. by the Texas Attorney General will have run its course and an opinion will be... More >>

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