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1997 Stories by Bruce Guynn

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  • Scary Stories

    published October 30, 1997

    Houston Grand Opera's new production of Hansel and Gretel is indeed a testimony to the genius of famed children's-book author and illustrator... More >>

  • Scottish Modern

    published October 23, 1997

    Using surreal staging and costumes in operatic productions can be a risky business. Sometimes the results are appealing; sometimes they're... More >>

  • A Magical Flute

    published May 1, 1997

    Mozart's The Magic Flute lends itself to an imaginative set design. Indeed, it almost demands one that can capture the flavor of the heroic/comic... More >>

  • Mussorgsky Unplugged

    published April 24, 1997

    Broadway shows and movies aren't the only things that are endlessly tinkered with before they're presented to the public in what's supposed to be... More >>

  • Shocking Salome

    published January 30, 1997

    When Richard Strauss's Salome premiered in 1905, it caused considerable scandal. Its sensuous nature was just too much for the audiences of the... More >>

Archives: 1997 | 1996 | 1995