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1995 Stories by Claudia Kolker

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  • President Who?

    published December 21, 1995

    Darkness had already fallen two weeks back when 20 leading members of Houston's Hispanic community gathered in an East End classroom. The... More >>

  • Getting the Lead Out

    published December 14, 1995

    The tortillas looked bad -- unnaturally pale, with an odd, clammy texture -- but that didn't stop Houston toddler Angel Faz from grabbing one and... More >>

  • Pray

    published September 14, 1995

    The two tables had been set up as a sort of gateway, 17-year-old Jennifer Mason says, and they flanked the path to her locker after her last class... More >>

  • Baby Boom

    published August 17, 1995

    Ever since the United States began edging toward normalizing relations with Vietnam, U.S. businesses have itched to work on deals there. By the... More >>

  • Hold Me, Kiss Me, Thrill Me - Kill Me?

    published August 3, 1995

    One night in 1987, Lois Rische's husband, Allen, the retired CIA field chief for Texas and New Mexico, was stepping into their car when he decided... More >>

  • Kicking the Gang Attraction

    published July 13, 1995

    It's high noon on a torturously hot Saturday at Burnett Bayland Park: dozens of adults cheer in Spanish for a ten-year-old soccer player rushing... More >>

  • Family Feud

    published June 29, 1995

    If we have two, or three, or four, or five disgruntled writers," says Dr. Nicolas Kanellos, head of the nonprofit Arte Pœblico Press at th... More >>

  • A Question of Power

    published June 22, 1995

    The first thing most parents ask when they visit Kent Academy, a private preschool on the banks of Sugar Creek, is if their child can fall into... More >>

  • Biked Out

    published May 11, 1995

    Dan Murphy seemed stunned. He and other members of the Houston Area Mountain Bike Riders Association (HAMBRA) had met last week with the... More >>

  • Dipping in the Money Pool

    published March 30, 1995

    Across a picnic table loaded with foil vats of marinated beef, money is changing hands. Vietnamese immigrant Da Bui, seated in a metal chair in... More >>

  • The Battle Over Brentwood

    published March 16, 1995

    Every morning, when he steps out into the still foggy air of the pristine, orderly African-American subdivision of Brentwood, David Syrus can see... More >>

  • Casualties of War

    published February 9, 1995

    Last December, as Houston's Vietnamese read their newspapers through the steam from bowls of pho, a name from years ago stared back like a... More >>

  • Soul on Ice

    published January 26, 1995

    More than most guys on ice, hockey player Graeme Townshend has had to choose shrewdly when to throw down the gloves and fight. In February 1990,... More >>

  • Video Pulpit

    published January 12, 1995

    NO FEAR," Eric Andell intones to the wretched-looking youth gazing up at him. "Or is it, 'NO FEAR, DEAR?'" Andell is trying to decipher the... More >>

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