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  • 11 days ago | Film and TV

    ... What makes O.G. so fresh and appealing is how, while it’s a laugh riot, the characters are both written and portrayed as grounded, fully realized folk

  • Bill Gunn and Ishmael Reed's Personal Problems, which will have its first U.S. theatrical run this week, is a crude, clunky relic made during a time when home-video cameras were newfangled pieces of high-tech wizardry the size of a small...

  • For a documentary that aims to be a comprehensive history of the modern dance DJ, What We Started tends to be both as enthused and unfocused about the whole scene as the average young EDM fan addled on molly.

    Filmmakers Bert Marcus...

  • Now that The Babadook has proven how smart and scary international movies about being a single mom can be, here we have the South African import The Lullaby, ready to take it one creepy step further.

    Set in one moody-ass...

  • Half Magic is exactly the sort of debut movie you might expect Heather Graham to make as a writer-director. Much like Graham's public persona, it's sunny, awkward, a tad bit flaky and can get annoyingly New Agey.

    Graham stars as...

  • The Cured is yet another post-apocalyptic thriller from the British Isles looking to put a fresh spin on zombies. And it does that -- for a while. Set in a damn-near-desolate Ireland, the movie follows Senan (Sam Keeley), a tormented,...


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