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  • This Thing On?

    published December 27, 2001

    As a comic performer, Jamie Foxx has sustained a career that can be best described as, well, mediocre. His glory days as part of the mighty... More >>

  • Hip-hop Harvest

    published December 20, 2001

    Every Sunday, an assemblage of MCs and DJs convenes in the Third Ward living room of 29-year-old DJ/producer Cipher. To the uninitiated, Cipher's... More >>

  • Lil' O

    published December 20, 2001

    The only surefire way to enjoy Lil' O's Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze is to not take a single ounce of it seriously. For his first album on a... More >>

  • Not Acting Their Age

    published December 13, 2001

    Twenty-eight-year-old actor, director and theater freak Ezekiel Morgan is very enthusiastic about his upcoming project, almost to the point where... More >>

  • Tippling from Tap to Tap

    published December 13, 2001

    Sometimes, a person just wants to cut through all the nauseating glitz and trendiness of downtown Houston and just get tore the hell up like... More >>

  • Britney Spears

    published December 13, 2001

    You ever notice that it's much more fun to talk about Britney Spears than to listen to her? As an artist (and that term is used very loosely), ... More >>

  • Those Magnificent Men and Their Flyer Machines

    published December 6, 2001

    Whenever a new club, rave or weekly event goes down in this city's nightlife otherworld, its planners have to get the word out on a limited... More >>

  • Mary J. Blige / Macy Gray

    published December 6, 2001

    The title of Mary J. Blige's new CD is laughable. Even Blige knows that if she didn't exude at least a smidgen of melodrama, people would think... More >>

  • Gloria in Excelsis

    published November 29, 2001

    Oh, that Gloria Jones sure is a feisty one when the holidays come around. At 53, the Abilene-born Jones (or Miss Gloria, as she calls herself)... More >>

  • The R-word

    published November 22, 2001

    Let's see how far we can go in this column without mentioning the R-word. You know, that word -- the term generally used to connote a... More >>

  • Bilal

    published November 22, 2001

    When Bilal arrived on the R&B scene this year, many black men must have thought to themselves, "Oh, shit, here comes another one of those... More >>

  • It's All in the Mix

    published November 15, 2001

    "Shepherd Plaza is kind of an interesting gig at the moment," says club launcher John Finlay about the new drama circulating around the... More >>

  • Screw Heads

    published November 15, 2001

    It's difficult to listen to this tribute album with a critical ear. (Even more so now since Friday, November 17, marks the first anniversary of DJ... More >>

  • Playas on Parade

    published November 8, 2001

    All the playas came…from far and wide / Wearin' afros and braids, kickin' them gangsta rides. -- OutKast, "Player's... More >>

  • Rainbow Coalition

    published November 1, 2001

    If you were one of the many spectators taking in the wet T-shirt contests, pre-op transsexuals, margarita-and-corn-dog bars and discount musical... More >>

  • D12

    published November 1, 2001

    It's nearly impossible to talk about without mentioning him, you know, Eminem. It's the curse of every rap clique with an MC who breaks out... More >>

  • A>S>H>S to A>S>H>S, Bust to Bust

    published October 25, 2001

    For quite some time now, the A>S>H>S Warehouse (2805 Pease) has been a hotbed of alternative entertainment in central Houston. Every... More >>

  • Minibill

    published October 25, 2001

    Surf on to the U.K. e-zine known as urban75 ( and tap the page called "warp a superstar DJ."... More >>

  • I Want My M(ontrose) TV!

    published October 18, 2001

    Hey, have you seen that new Britney Spears video yet? Chances are you haven't. The once-omnipresent music video art form is becoming scarce.... More >>

  • The Rage of Lee

    published October 4, 2001

    Rajolei Pickens is a man who certainly lives up to his name -- the dude is one serious picker. Sitting at a boardroom table inside the KPFT... More >>

  • Pimp's Up, Joes Down

    published October 4, 2001

    Local house DJ/party promoter Kung Fu Pimp has been one of downtown Houston's most savage critics. It was just about a year ago, in this column... More >>

  • Parks's Big Score!

    published September 27, 2001

    On NPR's Weekend Edition, film critic Elvis Mitchell once said, "I think these movies require a second viewing, just so we can get a sense... More >>

  • Where the Streets Have No Lanes

    published September 27, 2001

    The following statement may sound coarse, but there isn't a polite way of putting it: Midtown Houston has gotten completely jacked up! The... More >>

  • Rage Through the Night

    published September 6, 2001

    Way back in elementary school, Vanessa Banville got tagged up with the nickname Katara. "It's a Japanese name that actually means 'graceful... More >>

  • Playbill

    published September 6, 2001

    With the way she vehemently (and notoriously) turned down millions to sing alongside her former chum Diana Ross for the much-publicized... More >>

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