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  • Six Things The White Stripes Leave In Their Wake

    published Feb 09, 2011

    In the wake of the White Stripes' official breakup last week, the music world reeled with the loss of one of the defining bands of the past decade. Some applauded the end of a band they saw as too sim... More >>

  • The Funniest Sex Scenes From's Sex Scene Database (NSFW)

    published Feb 09, 2011

    Last week, updated their Sex Scene Database, a repository for all things sweaty and nude from the world of cinema. It was hard work, but I picked the 10 funniest scenes from the list, inclu... More >>

  • Eight Songs For James Dean's 80th Birthday

    published Feb 08, 2011

    Had he lived, the original angsty hero, James Dean, would have been 80 years old today. Dean died in a violent September 1955 car crash, ending his film career after only three major roles. It only to... More >>

  • Valentine's Day: Nine Awful Gift Ideas

    published Feb 08, 2011

    We're sure that the procrastinators out there just started sweating reading that headline. Yes, you only have days to get that special whoever something for Valentine's Day, which is closing in on us,... More >>

  • Craig Hlavaty

    Getting Past the Bouncer

    published February 10, 2011

    Imani Rose is a seasoned party and event planner and general Houston nightlife veteran. She's worked as a personal assistant for famous people and... More >>

  • Wild Moccasins

    published February 10, 2011

    Houston's Wild Moccasins are going on a European vacation this month to spread the gospel of H-Town indie-pop, and throwing a going-away party at... More >>

  • Robin Thicke

    published February 10, 2011

    Alan Thicke made his money with the '80s ABC sitcom Growing Pains. His son Robin Thicke makes his dough singing about groin pains, and he... More >>

  • Yann Tiersen's Icy Houston Odyssey

    published Feb 08, 2011

    While everyone in Houston was huddled inside their homes last Friday hiding from the ice monster, Yann Tiersen and his band were exploring our city, full of hanging icicles, lonely streets, and empty ... More >>

  • Upcoming: Bon Jovi, Dipset, JSBX, Smokey Robinson, Etc.

    published Feb 08, 2011

    Bare Wires: Thu., March 10. Fitzgerald's. Basshunter: Fri., Feb. 25. Stereo Live. Bon Jovi: Tue., May 17. Toyota Center. Dipset: Thu., April 7. Numbers. A Dream Asleep, Born Again Virgins, Cavern... More >>

  • Ronald Reagan: Biggest Punk Icon Of The '80s

    Ronald Reagan: Biggest Punk Icon Of The '80s

    published Feb 07, 2011

    Forget names like Henry Rollins, Jello Biafra, Joe Strummer, Sid Vicious or even Joey Ramone. The most iconic figure of the '80s punk and hardcore scenes wasn't a dude with liberty spikes or a three-i... More >>

  • Four Reasons Black Eyed Peas' Halftime Show Sucked

    Four Reasons Black Eyed Peas' Halftime Show Sucked

    published Feb 07, 2011

    The best part about Sunday night's Super Bowl halftime show was that people actually were surprised that it was bad, as if the Black Eyed Peas would pull it off without a hitch and we would all rush t... More >>

  • Black Eyed Pleeease!: Fergie & The Gang At The Super Bowl Halftime Show

    published Feb 06, 2011

    Earlier this week we chronicled for you our favorite Super Bowl halftime shows, from Petty and the Who, to the Boss and the Stones. Tonight we will be live-blogging all the musical attractions from Su... More >>

  • Vintage Valentines: Our Naughty Twists on the Classic Card

    Vintage Valentines: Our Naughty Twists on the Classic Card

    published Feb 04, 2011

    (Valentines designed by Monica Fuentes) You only have a week left until Valentine's Day. By now you have no doubt made all your dinner and seedy hotel reservations in anticipation of a romantic eve... More >>

  • Cold Weather Baby Names: Naming the Bundle of Joy You Started This Morning

    published Feb 04, 2011

    No doubt all of you people who don't work in the news industry are either off this morning or working from home. But we all know that no one gets any work done at home with all the distractions runnin... More >>

  • Ten Years After: Our Favorite 2001 Albums

    published Feb 03, 2011

    This hlist is kind of funny now, seeing that the dearly departed White Stripes are smack-dab in the middle with White Blood Cells. We swear this final hlist was made Tuesday afternoon, before Wednesda... More >>

  • White Stripes Break Up After Exactly Two Houston Shows

    White Stripes Break Up After Exactly Two Houston Shows

    published Feb 02, 2011

    Ed. Note: Rumors are floating around about a third Stripes show here, before the Rudz date. If anyone can confirm this, please let us know. About an hour ago, Rocks Off got the news over Twitter that... More >>

  • Free Energy

    published February 3, 2011

    Free Energy's first full-length, Stuck on Nothing, is probably the best slab of power-pop to come out in the past 12 months. The... More >>

  • Top 10 Super Bowl Halftime Shows

    published Feb 01, 2011

    This Sunday, Rocks Off will be live-blogging and tweeting this year's Super Bowl halftime show, which will feature noted scholars The Black Eyed Peas. We are diligently studying the entire BEP canon a... More >>

  • The Most Suggestive Teen Performances in Cinema

    The Most Suggestive Teen Performances in Cinema

    published Feb 01, 2011

    The Skins debacle on MTV brought underage sex, drinking, and generally bad behavior back to the forefront of the pop culture conversation. Every few years, society stands back aghast at what kids are ... More >>

  • Upcoming: Wilco, Wilco, Jimmy Buffett, Wilco, Wilco, Etc.

    published Feb 01, 2011

    "Canned Acoustica II" With Robert Ellis, Roky Moon, Tyagaraja, Black Queen Speaks, Chase Hamblin, Winter Wallace, Sara Van Buskirk, Ancient Cat Society: Thu., March 3. Warehouse Live. The Canvas Wai... More >>

  • Your Meme of the Week: Do Nothing for Two Minutes

    published Feb 01, 2011

    This website is impossible. I have way too many friends trying to talk to me, emails from rock stars, and porn to download to not touch anything on my computer for two straight minutes. I'm sorry, ... More >>

  • A Day at the Concealed Handgun Class: Sunday Morning Coming Down

    A Day at the Concealed Handgun Class: Sunday Morning Coming Down

    published Feb 01, 2011

    "Don't point your gun at anything you are not willing to destroy or kill," reads the sign in the middle of the room. It's 8 a.m on Sunday morning and I am reading this, while drinking a cup of coffee,... More >>

  • John Lydon's 10 Best Non-Sex Pistols Songs

    published Jan 31, 2011

    John Lydon turns 55 today, and the former (current? sometime?) Sex Pistols/Public Image Ltd. frontman is as pugnacious as when we first met him in 1975 as Pistols mouthpiece Johnny Rotten, creating th... More >>

  • Devo And The 16 Other Best Bands In Uniform

    Devo And The 16 Other Best Bands In Uniform

    published Jan 31, 2011

    Devo hits Warehouse Live on March 25, the band's first Houston date since a 2006 appearance with the Psychedelic Furs - who, coincidentally enough, are also coming to Warehouse (April 23) to do all of... More >>

  • Charlie Sheen: A Guide to His Porn Stars (Some Are From Texas!)

    Charlie Sheen: A Guide to His Porn Stars (Some Are From Texas!)

    published Jan 28, 2011

    Actor Charlie Sheen is either a true American hero or a drug-addicted, porn-obsessed monster, depending on who you ask. The Two and a Half Men star and one-time Oliver Stone muse was admitted to the h... More >>

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