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1994 Stories by D.J. Wilson

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  • Pastor to the Port

    published December 22, 1994

    Father Rivers Patout is cruising his domain, but he's nowhere near a church or a school. Instead, the slightly pudgy Catholic priest is driving... More >>

  • Hard Habit to Break

    published December 1, 1994

    M.D. Anderson Cancer Center banned the sale of cigarettes back in the mid-1970s, becoming one of the first hospitals in the country to do so. The... More >>

  • Goodbye, Mr. Smith

    published October 27, 1994

    Richard Smith was at a crossroads two years ago when something he heard on the radio led him down an unconventional path. A speaker at a... More >>

  • Psychotic Reaction

    published October 6, 1994

    Larry Newton knows firsthand that psychiatric crisis care in Harris County is a tragic mess. With a 12-year history of manic depression, the... More >>

  • Changing Channels

    published September 8, 1994

    April may be the cruelest month by most accounts, but this year, for KTRK/ Channel 13, February topped the list for pain. It was then that a... More >>

  • Impeaching South Houston

    published August 4, 1994

    With his thinning gray hair, metal-rimmed glasses, boot-cut Levis, red suspenders and striped, short-sleeved Western shirt, Dennis Cordray doesn't... More >>

  • Talk Radio Takes Aim at the Bad Guys

    published July 28, 1994

    There's a new player in town on the anti-crime and victims' rights front, one that plans to tap the outrage of a fed-up citizenry through the... More >>

  • Running on Empty

    published July 14, 1994

    Brooks Smith, a self-described fourth-generation oil man, has sunk a lot of money underground lately, but so far he doesn't have much to show for... More >>

  • Restaurant War, Part 2

    published June 30, 1994

    The messy separation of the partners who once ran The Quilted Toque (now renamed Cafe Toque) got even more curious last Wednesday when ex-chef and... More >>

  • Passing the Budget Buck

    published June 16, 1994

    In a normal world, politicians and public service bureaucrats would be crawling over each other trying to claim ownership of an idea that -- at... More >>

  • Restricted Access

    published June 9, 1994

    For four years, Emerson Chu has helped produce a one-hour nightly news show about events in Houston's Chinese community. Though fiercely... More >>

  • A Taxing Situation

    published May 12, 1994

    Late one Monday morning in March of last year, Michael Lee was tending his vegetable garden when a stranger appeared at his fence. The man... More >>

  • A Fine Mess

    published May 5, 1994

    Something about a pay bonus for staffers of the Texas Department of Human Services didn't sound right to state Representative Talmadge Heflin, a... More >>

  • Trashing Houston

    published April 14, 1994

    For some people, driving down Highway 225 from Houston to Deer Park can seem like driving into the mouth of Hell. Rows of petrochemical storage... More >>

  • Don't Ask, Don't Tell

    published April 14, 1994

    When the Houston Convention Bureau's new Official Guide to Houston was released recently, conspicuously obvious by its absence was one chunk of... More >>

  • Hermann Park or Parking?

    published March 24, 1994

    It seems like such an easy notion. Ben Taub Hospital needs more parking. The city would like a little more leverage to get something going at the... More >>

  • Press Briefs

    published February 10, 1994

    Pop-off as You've Never Heard It... The best line uttered at last week's City Council meeting never made it to the ten o'clock news or... More >>

  • Just Don't Breathe It

    published February 3, 1994

    A good part of Houston's air-pollution problem is, well, Houston: almost one-third of Space City's ground-level ozone pollutants are produced by... More >>

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