David Garrick

David Garrick

David Garrick is a Houston native who sees more live music than pretty much anyone else in town. A tireless proponent for underground music, he divides his time between seeing up to six bands a night and championing the rights of artists. Known for being a straight shooter, he focuses primarily on Houston music and Houston music events.

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  • 10 hours ago | Bayou City

    The dance pop world is a tough one to break into, no matter how good you are. As a music journalist, you tend to get messages from all types of artists who have new music out or music that's coming out. While sometimes you can't get to all of thos...

  • 1 day ago | Artopia

    The music world is full of engineers and producers, many of whom make their marks and then seem to disappear. Houston's Dan Workman, the producer, engineer, musician and artist, is still making plenty of waves in and out of the music world. As a m...

  • 2 days ago | Bayou City

    The new year is shaping up nicely and this week is a great example of that. In the next seven days Houston will be treated to the enchanting sounds of Aimee Mann, the psych garage rock of Night Beats, and The Moody Blues will all be here in town. ...

  • 3 days ago | Concerts

    Katie Crutchfield has had no problem proving that she's one of the best new songwriters coming out of the indie rock world. From her pop punk leanings with her and her twin sister's now defunct band P.S. Eliot to the subtle beauty of the 2015 Waxa...

  • 4 days ago | Art Rock

    Now that it's a new year, The Houston Press Singles Club is going just as strong as we did when we began. This week we'll have an indie rock jam from Young Mammals, an emo tune from Donna Hayward, a pop infused track from Pearl Crush, a fun punk i...

  • 8 days ago | Bayou City

    There's a concept in the music world that a band needs a manager, that a band needs an agent, and that a band needs a ton of extra personnel. However, for a long time now, there have been a ton of bands who tour the globe without any of that,...


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