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  • Calendar Editor On the Rocks

    published December 27, 2001

    I feel like I'm wearing diapers in this harness, and having a rock climbing instructor teach me the basics of rope safety isn't making me feel any... More >>

  • The Un-Church

    published December 20, 2001

    As everyone from South Park to Adam Sandler has told us (in song, no less), it's hard to be a Jew on Christmas. Some deal with the... More >>

  • The Truth Is Out There...

    published December 20, 2001

    There is an unwritten rule in the secretive mascot community never to reveal the identity of the people inside the costumes. But now the person... More >>

  • All in the Family

    published December 13, 2001

    T. Sean Shannon may be an Emmy- nominated writer for Saturday Night Live, but that doesn't mean he's gotten too big for his britches. In... More >>

  • Less Is More

    published December 6, 2001

    Thirty-nine years ago someone came up with the idea to decorate one of the historic homes that had been transplanted to Sam Houston Park for... More >>

  • Risky Business

    published November 29, 2001

    Success in the film industry is all about managing risk. The Hollywood system does this with a proven formula of big stars, bloated budgets and... More >>

  • Fertle Ground

    published November 22, 2001

    Steve Farrell has that most sought after and least acquired of all attributes in show business: stability. He's been married to the same woman for... More >>

  • Access Denied

    published November 15, 2001

    Rodger Peters suffers from a hereditary disease that has left him functionally quadriplegic. If both parents carry the gene, it is passed on to... More >>

  • Talk's Back

    published November 15, 2001

    The art of storytelling is the anti- Hollywood: no special effects, no technology, minimal props, if any, and all story. That kind of flash-free... More >>

  • Grilling Sacred Cows

    published November 8, 2001

    What's a disaffected blue-collar white guy supposed to do for a laugh in a world full of gay, handicapped and ethnocentric comedians? Come on down... More >>

  • Poet Without a Cause

    published November 1, 2001

    So, what exactly does a poet laureate do, anyway? "Well, the main duty is answering that question," says the latest scribe to hold the post,... More >>

  • The Ten Faces of Finley

    published October 25, 2001

    Ask actor Harold Finley about any of the ten characters he will portray in Rhymes, Reasons & Bomb Ass Beatz, the one-man show he... More >>

  • Opera Is Cool

    published October 18, 2001

    Born in Siberia and living in London, silver-maned baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky has been dubbed everything from "the Elvis of Opera" to one... More >>

  • They See Dead People

    published October 18, 2001

    One might think that Houston's a tough town for ghosts these days, what with the speed at which the city tears down old buildings. What phantasm... More >>

  • All Dogs Go to Heaven

    published October 11, 2001

    The boy who would become St. Francis of Assisi led a group of youngsters known for extravagant all-night parties before he founded a religious... More >>

  • A Firefighter's Life

    published October 11, 2001

    Hollywood is usually known for hyperbole, but in the case of fictional firefighting, they're guilty of toning down the fireworks. For instance, as... More >>

  • O Tempora! O Mores!

    published October 4, 2001

    Since the catastrophe in New York, every press release the PR people fax out has an almost apologetic tone. Who can blame them? We live in a... More >>

  • Wrong Call?

    published September 27, 2001

    On June 18, 1999, a suicidal housewife was admitted into Methodist Hospital's Psychiatric Unit for overdosing on her father's prescription... More >>

  • Change Happens

    published September 27, 2001

    Just as memory allows us to learn from our mistakes and move on, it can also condemn us to live in the past with our transgression. What happens... More >>

  • Salman Fury

    published September 6, 2001

    It was clear in 1981 that Salman Rushdie was a writer to be reckoned with; his reading of Midnight's Children in New Delhi drew a... More >>

  • Courtroom Antics Upstaged

    published August 30, 2001

    If nothing else, the great state of Texas has made a name for itself with the colorful characters who inhabit the criminal justice system -- and... More >>

  • Kitschy-Cool

    published August 30, 2001

    For all their abuses, aristocracies made some beautiful things. Since nobility was interested in purchasing only objects of the finest... More >>

  • Free Verse

    published August 16, 2001

    The ex-con, poet and screenwriter of Blood In, Blood Out, Jimmy Santiago Baca, decided to write the story of his life after hearing... More >>

  • Start Making Sense

    published August 16, 2001

    Corporations are finding that sponsoring educational programs is a good way to put forward a friendly, kid-caring face, while promoting their... More >>

  • Rainbow Rodeo

    published August 9, 2001

    It's time we stopped branding all cowboys as gun-toting, chaps-wearing, horse-riding white guys. Throughout history, there also have been... More >>

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