Elizabeth Reeder


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  • 24 years ago

    We were snowed in in Flagstaff, walking on the ice. The Missiles and their manager, who was me. It wasn't the first time I'd considered killing them. Bill and Dave were several steps behind, and Ken was camped out in the shower of the Starlight Mo...

  • 24 years ago

    Sonic Youth Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star DGC Sonic Youth isn't the original punk band, but they've struggled like dogs to take credit, and you can hear the battle continue here. Punk's not about being young anymore (else where would thi...

  • 24 years ago

    The songs of the famous sung to the faceless masses... Pearl Jam... Beatles... Stones... resounding up and down the Richmond Strip. Out here it's cover band heaven or hell -- depending on how you hear the music. The collective noise on the party c...


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