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  • 14 years ago | Booze

    As the car reaches the crest of the eastbound 610 Loop overpass high above the Gulf Freeway, I am confronted with an utterly unexpected sight: immense refineries to the east and south, their cracking towers like organ pipes strung with Christmas l...

  • 14 years ago

    The sign in the window of the Fire + Ice "improvisational grill" (2801 Kirby Drive, 713-522-4500) was one of the strangest to appear on a newly shuttered restaurant. Addressed to "Houston," the message read: "Your city was just to [sic] darn 'hot'...

  • 14 years ago | Booze

    There is a time for cocktails and a time for their cure. Every New Year's Eve party around the world induces New Year's Day hangovers. There are many home remedies, but the villagers of old Russia swear by cucumber pickling brine, or rassol. A Mos...

  • 14 years ago | Booze

    I enter the lobby of the Hotel Derek (2525 West Loop South, 713-297-4383), a location that has failed for a series of owners since opening in 1979. The new owners, Amerimar, a father-and-son real estate outfit out of Philadelphia, specialize in bu...

  • 14 years ago | Booze

    It's a gray, wintry day in old Houstontown. The problem is, the temperature is still in the 70s. How does one get into a proper holiday mood when the bespoke overcoat hangs forlorn in the closet and only an Aloha shirt is appropriate for daywear? ...

  • 14 years ago

    "A house divided cannot stand," declared Abraham Lincoln. But despite his respectable Jewish given name, honest Abe's advice is not carrying much weight these days with one locally famous Hebrew, Marc Katz, founder of Katz's Deli and Bar. Marc Kat...


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