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    published December 5, 1996

    Mazzy Star Among My Swan Capitol All the music on Among My Swan sounds the same to me -- post-alternative lullabies for people... More >>

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    published October 24, 1996

    Counting Crows Recovering the Satellites DGC Back in 1994, when Counting Crows' "Mr. Jones" was suffocating the airwaves and... More >>

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    published October 17, 1996

    Lemonheads Car Button Cloth Tag/Atlantic No matter how hard he tries to convince us otherwise, head Lemonhead Evan Dando rarely... More >>

  • Jazz Friendly

    published July 25, 1996

    Big, bald, bearded guitarist Tod Vullo has been playing jazz around Houston for 16 years, and when he gets excited about something (which seems to... More >>

  • Rotation

    published June 13, 1996

    Grant Lee Buffalo Copperopolis Slash/Reprise Copperopolis is hardly the triumphant, back-to-the-wall effort you'd expect from... More >>

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    published May 16, 1996

    The Jesus Lizard Shot Capitol I don't care if, with this CD, Chicago's the Jesus Lizard has moved away from longtime indie... More >>

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    published April 18, 1996

    Neil Diamond Tennessee Moon Columbia If chest hair could sing, you can almost bet it would sound like Neil Diamond. Thirty... More >>

  • Rotation

    published April 11, 1996

    Sting Mercury Falling A&M For years, Sting has struggled to keep his effective pop song writing from being drowned out by his... More >>

  • Dandy Affair

    published March 28, 1996

    If the Dandy Warhols' music doesn't fly in Houston, it won't be for a lack of good ideas. Back in their home of Portland, Oregon, where the local... More >>

  • Rotation

    published March 21, 1996

    Lou Reed Set the Twilight Reeling Warner Bros. Because he is who he is, Lou Reed has managed to elevate his relatively patchy... More >>

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    published March 14, 1996

    Velocity Girl Gilded Stars and Zealous Hearts Sub Pop Female-fronted alt rock bands may be a dime a dozen on MTV these days, but... More >>

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    published March 7, 1996

    Van Morrison with Georgie Fame and Friends How Long Has This Been Going On Verve If the "this" of the CD's title is meant to... More >>

Archives: 1997 | 1996