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  • Sugarcane's Scarlet Letter

    published June 17, 2010

    I took my friend Lee for a cocktail at Sugarcane (1919 Washington Ave., 713-864-9463) to treat him special in honor of his imminent... More >>

  • Salt's Tequila Twilight

    published June 10, 2010

    It was a slow Tuesday at Salt (4218 Washington Ave., 713-868-5155), so I didn't feel too guilty asking Sonali to invent a tequila drink for... More >>

  • Orange's Orange Kapiriña

    published June 3, 2010

    The World Cup is inspiring because it focuses global consciousness in a way usually reserved for natural disasters and war. It's also inspiring... More >>

  • The Gallant Knight's Chocolate Cake

    published May 27, 2010

    My friend Hassan describes the differences between the new The Gallant Knight (2511 Bissonnet, 713-942-9940) and the old location like... More >>

  • PJ's Sports Bar's Lindsay Lohan

    published May 20, 2010

    American karaoke probably makes a native Korean feel the same way I do when I eat Mexican food in a place like Arkansas. Still, I dragged my... More >>

  • Yelapa Playa Mexicana's 1800 Express

    published May 13, 2010

    The man and woman I found hanging out behind my neighbor's shed earlier this week were telling the truth about one thing: It'd be a waste to stay... More >>

  • The Big Easy's Origo Malum

    published May 6, 2010

    Sitting at the bar on a quiet night at the Big Easy (5731 Kirby, 713-523-9999), it feels like you're a one-armed dwarf and an exotic dancer... More >>

  • The Next Door's Bend Me Over

    published April 29, 2010

    "The best things in life are free, so let your mind and soul be free. Only you can hold yourself back." I was reading that piece of bathroom... More >>

  • Nouveau Antique Art Bar's Aviator

    published April 22, 2010

    "Jesus Christ, there are a lot of lamps in here," was my first thought when I entered Nouveau Antique Art Bar (2913 Main, 713-526-2220).... More >>

  • Doghouse Tavern's Vodka Press

    published April 15, 2010

    When you're a captain of industry and all-around master of the universe, sometimes all you desire on a Tuesday night is a peaceful bar where you... More >>

  • Downing Street Pub's Downing Street Draft

    published April 8, 2010

    If you're on a scavenger hunt and anti-Obama bathroom graffiti pops up on your list, try Downing Street Pub (2549 Kirby, 713-523-2291). The... More >>


    published April 1, 2010

    I might not have agreed to visit Tony's Corner Pocket (817 West Dallas, 713-571-7870) if I'd known I would end up with my head tilted back... More >>

  • Hearsay's Gin-Gin Mule

    published March 25, 2010

    Anthony, the bar manager at downtown "gastro lounge" Hearsay (218 Travis, 713-225-8079), is intent on stealing Houston's cocktail crown... More >>

  • Stirred and Shaken: George's Raspberry Cordial

    published March 18, 2010

    Even as a straight guy, it's hard to tell the difference between gay bar George (617 Fairview, 713-528-8102) and any other neighborhood... More >>

  • Stirred and Shaken: Roeder's Pub's Dragon-Ass

    published March 11, 2010

    What would you do in this situation? You're with a small group, doing some weeknight drinking on the patio of a neighborhood everybar — in... More >>

  • Stirred & Shaken: Rocbar's Stephanie's Panties

    published March 4, 2010

    The full blame/credit for the name of this week's cocktail goes to Stephanie, one of the sparingly dressed rock-and-roll-themed female bartenders... More >>


    published February 25, 2010

    You'd probably have to go somewhere a little more upscale than Shoeshine Charley's Big Top Lounge (3714 Main, no phone) to get a... More >>


    published February 18, 2010

    If, for the sake of unholy adventure, you want to check out the Diamond Club — once called the Pink Pussycat, it's the only "cabaret" in the... More >>


    published February 11, 2010

    It didn't take long to realize Komodo's Pub (2004 Baldwin, 713-655-1501) is no dive. The Internet (specifically, More >>


    published February 4, 2010

    Certain Washington Avenue bars achieve a state of near-tolerability around the middle of the week, but I still managed to encounter some weekend... More >>


    published January 28, 2010

    Centuries of belly dancing tradition have culminated in an effective way to make me feel uncomfortable. I have no idea how I'm supposed to react... More >>


    published January 21, 2010

    The Stag's Head Pub (2128 Portsmouth, 713-521-2333) is a warm, comfortable place to celebrate a friend's getting out of a cold,... More >>


    published January 14, 2010

    Some New Year's resolutions make themselves. After spending 2009's last days staying at a friend's place in New Orleans, where closing time has... More >>

  • Stirred and Shaken

    published January 7, 2010

    At Rebels Honky Tonk (5002 Washington, 713-862-7172), the classics are relegated to the bathroom. The record jackets mounted on the... More >>

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