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  • Memories of the Blues

    published October 17, 1996

    Asking Clifford Antone to pick the best performance he ever heard at his club is like asking Troy Aikman to select his favorite touchdown pass;... More >>

  • Jerk Rock

    published October 17, 1996

    It's gotten to where Peter Steele is running out of people to piss off. The singer/bassist for Gothic sludgemongers Type O Negative has had... More >>

  • Fast Living

    published October 10, 1996

    In a more honest world, Speedball Baby would be providing the Top 40 soundtrack to a society coming unraveled at the seams. Few bands are better... More >>

  • No More Mush

    published October 3, 1996

    Last month, Details magazine crowned Imperial Drag "Spacehog without the gags," an assessment that was meant to be a compliment -- though it's... More >>

  • No More Same Old, Same Old

    published September 26, 1996

    You won't find too many guitar heroes on the phone at 9 a.m. At that time of day, a lot of them are just calling it a night. Yet on this... More >>

  • Buff Boys

    published August 29, 1996

    Granted, Canada's Barenaked Ladies don't have one of the more startling names in the annals of rock and roll. Compared to, say, Scraping Foetus... More >>

  • Break's Over

    published August 15, 1996

    I have this enduring image of Tracy Chapman. She's up on-stage, alone with her guitar in front of 60,000 people at a stop on an Amnesty... More >>

  • Sounds Like a Winner!

    published August 8, 1996

    Houston music fans are nothing if not reliable. Year in and year out, they stick by their favorite local artists; for evidence, just take a gander... More >>

  • Def Defying

    published August 1, 1996

    Forget all those inspirational, made-for-TV tales of athletes overcoming hardship on their way to Olympic glory. For a real understanding of grit... More >>

  • Houston Press 1996 Music Awards

    published July 25, 1996

    Thirty-six categories. More than 100 nominated bands and performers. You want proof that there's a lot of music to be found in Houston? Well,... More >>

  • Fishing for Insight

    published July 18, 1996

    Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament, the marquee talent behind Three Fish, claims he didn't so much assemble his new trio as imagine it into existence,... More >>

  • Rotation

    published July 18, 1996

    Beck Odelay DGC Beck Hansen's 1994 breakthrough lo-fi single "Loser" begged an interesting question: one-hit wonder, or new... More >>

  • Straight Forward

    published July 11, 1996

    "Sorry, you'll have to keep it short; Vinnie's running behind." It's the sort of notice a journalist hates to hear down the phone line from... More >>

  • Rotation

    published July 4, 1996

    Butthole Surfers Electriclarryland Capitol There are CDs in the Butthole Surfers' catalog that are overpowering in their... More >>

  • Souls Revival

    published June 27, 1996

    The Plimsouls reunion might have seemed a wee bit more momentous if the band's demise in 1984 had been more of an event. But few were looking on... More >>

  • Cult Survivors

    published June 20, 1996

    Here's a quiz: when singer Ian Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy of the Cult parted company last year, they did so on somewhat less than amicable... More >>

  • Rotation

    published June 20, 1996

    Clandestine The Ale Is Dear Clandestine Houston's Celtic-music community may be approaching critical mass. Sooner or later, a... More >>

  • Tori's Story

    published June 13, 1996

    Plenty of songwriters draw upon low points in personal relationships to churn up their creative juices. Tori Amos, however, tends to take it a... More >>

  • Not the Same Old Junkies

    published June 13, 1996

    It's been a while, but the four members of Cowboy Junkies can actually say that they feel like a band again. For a long time, the instrument... More >>

  • Where Ya Been, Ms. Lynn?

    published June 6, 1996

    Get ready to file another early June weekend under "Only in Houston" when the Juneteenth Blues Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary. On... More >>

  • Rotation

    published June 6, 1996

    Magnapop Rubbing Doesn't Help Priority If Rubbing Doesn't Help sounds looser and more scatterbrained than its... More >>

  • Playing Dumb

    published May 30, 1996

    You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand Atticus Finch. The Houston quartet's songs aren't all that complex; their post-grunge... More >>

  • The Name Game

    published May 16, 1996

    In rock and roll, being first matters. Austin's Little Sister found that out last month after signing a sweet deal with Arista Texas. The ink was... More >>

  • Same Old Sir

    published May 16, 1996

    Why the Sir Douglas Quintet has never managed to carve itself a permanent position at the top of the charts is one of the mysteries of the musical... More >>

  • Really Super

    published May 9, 1996

    If the supergroup concept seems a tad stale, it's probably because few bands have lived up to that billing. And if a "supergroup" inflatedly... More >>

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