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    published December 25, 2008

    Dear Mexican, I was driving home on old King Road in San Jose, where a bunch of Mexicans live, and I noticed that almost... More >>


    published December 18, 2008

    Dear Readers, A couple of columnas ago, I published a short list of my favorite books regarding Mexicans and Mexican Americans... More >>

  • Why Are Mexicans Obsessed with Scarface?

    published December 11, 2008

    Dear Mexican, Many times, as I cross the border into the U.S., I see bald cholos buying images (posters,... More >>

  • Nonracist Racists and Mole Grammer

    published December 4, 2008

    Dear Mexican, Why is it that those of us who oppose illegal immigration are called racist by many Mexicans? Personally, I... More >>

  • Immigration Numbers, Immigration Writers

    published November 27, 2008

    Dear Mexican, I hear all the time that 12 million illegal immigrants live in the United States. Is that true? Who counted... More >>

  • Cafe Tacuba

    published November 27, 2008

    Sino, last year's effort by Mexico's supreme "rock en español" group will grow on you, but that's not necessarily a ringing... More >>

  • Was Jimi Hendrix Mexican?

    published November 20, 2008

    Dear Mexican, I recently received the biography of Rolling Stones bassist Ronnie Woods. While reading about his friendship... More >>

  • Aztec Prophecy and Is "Brown" the New "Black"?

    published November 13, 2008

    Dear Mexican, In a column some time ago, you mentioned the Aztec prophecy claiming that "their descendants would reclaim... More >>

  • Canadian Questions

    published November 6, 2008

    Dear Readers, So your presidential candidate lost (congratulations; McBama! Our condolences, O'Cain. Damn early deadlines...), and you... More >>

  • Mexican Homophobia

    published October 30, 2008

    Dear Mexican, I know you've been asked variations of this before, but I'm going to ask you again anyway. I'm a gay white guy... More >>

  • Parking Tickets and Clamato

    published October 23, 2008

    Dear Mexican, One of our Arizona politicians once said on the PBS show Horizonte that the "crime" of being... More >>

  • Heroic Boys and Mexican Families

    published October 16, 2008

    Dear Mexican, A group of very young soldiers in the Mexican Army were being chased through the castle by U.S. Marines. At the... More >>

  • Wabs and Mexican Guatemalans

    published October 9, 2008

    Dear Readers, I don't like to rerun columns 'cause it makes me look like a lazy Mexican, but I realize that, as my column invades... More >>

  • Tom Tancredo and Coconuts

    published October 2, 2008

    Dear Mexican, Rep. Chris Cannon of Utah, also known as Mr. Amnesty, one of La Raza's heroes, was trounced in the Utah primary... More >>


    published September 25, 2008

    Dear Mexican, What is an anchor baby? I am a 45-year-old male born in the USA. My mother was born in ex-Yugoslavia (now... More >>


    published September 18, 2008

    Dear Mexican, I am a chica struggling with the choice to come out to my parents about my sexual orientation. My... More >>


    published September 11, 2008

    Dear Readers, First, a bit of housecleaning: in answering a pregunta a couple of weeks ago about pachucos, I was... More >>

  • Amnesty and Margaritas

    published September 4, 2008

    Dear Mexican, I'm an illegal alien. Got here on a tourist visa and stayed for a job. My gabacho employer knows... More >>

  • Striped Donkeys, Hep Pachucos and Defensive Driving

    published August 28, 2008

    Dear Mexican: Why do Mexicans paint stripes on their donkeys in Tijuana? Avenida Revolución... More >>

  • Fresa Spanish and Latino Soldiers

    published August 21, 2008

    Dear Mexican, I am the proud uncle of five Mexican-­redneck kids who recently moved to Wausau with their... More >>

  • Anchor Babies and Mexican Garages

    published August 14, 2008

    Dear Mexican, As a Mexican, I'm always ashamed of the fact that a lot of Mexican women just come to the U.S. to have babies... More >>

  • Racism at Work and Tijuana Bibles

    published August 7, 2008

    Dear Mexican, Where I recently started working, Latinos are prohibited from speaking Spanish. We are constantly being... More >>


    published July 31, 2008

    Dear Mexican, What's with calling yourselves "La Raza"? Being Mexicans, Chicanos or whatever isn't enough... More >>


    published July 24, 2008

    Dear Readers, Gracias, merci, obrigado for the many submissions in... More >>

  • Mexicans, Germans, the Border Patrol and Jeff

    published July 17, 2008

    Dear Mexican, Why are there Mexicans in the Border Patrol? What a hypocritical thing to do to our... More >>

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