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  • 4 days ago | Pop Culture

    I travel a lot in what’s called the Manosphere, which is a loose collection of anti-feminists, Men’s Rights Activists, pick up artists and other terribly annoying people with more web presence than brain power. These dudes (and the women chocked f...

  • 5 days ago | Nerd Alert

    So, Bioshock: The Collection is out now, incorporating all three original games plus their downloadable content, and then a director’s commentary from Ken Levine. Bioshock is the game that got me to finally return to the then-current generation of...

  • 11 days ago | Random Ephemera

    Recently,  for reasons of dubious merit and despite a very inadequate supply of alcohol, I watched the big Donald Trump immigration speech. Trump’s odd, slurred, hateful and largely untrue rhetoric was the single most depressing thing I have ...

  • 12 days ago | Random Ephemera

    At the Commander-in-Chief Forum where both Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and real estate mogul Donald Trump were questioned by veterans about their qualifications for serving as head of the world’s largest military, Trump was confronted with ...

  • 13 days ago | Pop Culture

    Warning: Most of the links in this article are to scenes of violence.  As 1994 is now far enough back to be nostalgia, it looks like they are finally rebooting The Crow. The decision to remake the story of Eric Draven is kind of an odd one. T...

  • 13 days ago | Gaming

    This week is a weird anniversary for me. It was a year ago that I found myself specifically targeted by GamerGate. I’d been through several minor waves of harassment by them before because of critical coverage of the movement since it started, but...


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