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  • 23 hours ago | Gaming

    So, I finished Stranger Things, and I can honestly say few shows have ever affected me in the same way. Lots of critics have already talked about the homage to ‘80s films or its ability to subvert a lot of gender roles from those flicks, but I wan...

  • 2 days ago | Lists

    Houston has something of an identity crisis, I find. Most people seem to know what to expect when they move to a place like New York City or Los Angeles, but talking with people in other states and countries it’s clear that we remain a mystery to ...

  • 6 days ago | Parenting

    So, my daughter has gotten into these live-action Nickolodeon sitcoms over the summer, mostly The Thundermans, Ricky, Nicky, Dicky & Dawn and Henry Danger. Not terribly compelling television, but also not so annoying I grind my teeth as I make...

  • 13 days ago | Gaming

    When I was a kid, the ending of a video game mattered. A lot. Even if it was just a generic “thanks for playing,” the ending was your reward for the time you put into beating the game. In fact, let’s pause there. Does anyone even say “beating the ...

  • 15 days ago | Parenting

    My daughter turned seven this week, and her big gift from us this year was a current-generation iPod Touch. Frankly, we did it to preserve our sanity as there are only so many renditions of the Glee-version of “Don’t Stop Believing” or Fall Out Bo...

  • 22 days ago | Pop Culture

    This past weekend the controversial reboot of Ghostbusters finally brought in more money than it cost to make, topping $158 million in total worldwide box office receipts, putting to rest any notions that it would be a flop by not making back its ...


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