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2008 Stories by Jef Rouner

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  • Local Rotation: Evangeline's We're Alright Down Here

    published Dec 19, 2008

    You just never know when or where you're going to stumble upon a great piece of work. You know? Guadalcanal Diary singer Murray Attaway's solo album In Thrall has been one of my top 10 albums ... More >>

  • Aftermath: The 71's and Evangeline at Warehouse Live

    published Dec 16, 2008

    Photos by Jef With One F It's accurate to say that I went to see The 71's on Monday night with some hesitancy; my knowledge of contemporary Christian music is limited to Jars of Clay's "Flood" and t... More >>

  • My Earlier, Horrible Band

    published Dec 10, 2008

    After my displacment during Hurricane Ike, I found a CD with a demo from my pre-Black Math Experiment band, Hixon, which managed to survive when so much of my BME memorabilia was destroyed. Thi... More >>

  • Aftermath: Legendary Pink Dots at Warehouse Live

    published Nov 06, 2008

    Photos by Jef With One F It’s always amazing and refreshing to see an audience as fervent for its minstrels as Houston is for the Legendary Pink Dots. There are no hangers-back – as soon as the ... More >>

  • Legendary Pink Dots

    published October 30, 2008

    A music store's status as "eclectic" is defined by one thing, and one thing only: Does it carry music by the Legendary Pink Dots? Quite... More >>

  • Aftermath: Asmodeus X at Numbers

    published Oct 27, 2008

    Photos by Jef With One F Though billed as a Halloween spectacular, there were precious few costumes on display at Numbers’ Underworld, the monthly Goth night that hosts some of Houston’s most en... More >>

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