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  • How NOT to Raise Money to Make a Music Video

    published Dec 30, 2011

    Friends and enemies, music videos are an enduring passion of ours, both filming them ourselves and reporting on the best that we come across year after year. We think the medium has only become better... More >>

  • Best Comics in December: KISS, Sex with Crystals, and Godzilla Bin Laden

    published Dec 29, 2011

    Once a month the amazing staff at 8th Dimension Comics selects a pile of the best new releases for us to peruse and judge. This month we're going to abstain from our regular series in an attempt to gi... More >>

  • The Top 5 Video Game Hitlers (sNSFW)

    The Top 5 Video Game Hitlers (sNSFW)

    published Dec 29, 2011

    Okay, weird confession time. We have this...thing about Hitler. We fully recognize that he is singlehandedly responsible for some of the gravest atrocities of the last century, and that his very image... More >>

  • 30 Seconds With Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra

    published Dec 29, 2011

    Having seen Better Than Ezra live, we can tell you that no band in all of America is enjoying their career more. Seriously, they are like the happiest people on the planet. We sat down with Kevin Grif... More >>

  • Clouds Are Ghosts: Harbinger Heralds Brilliance

    published Dec 28, 2011

    We got into the Clouds are Ghosts while deconstructing their band name. It was clear when we heard their work that the band was good, we compared them to Legendary Pink Dots and the Irrespressibles an... More >>

  • Gothic Council Makes Its News Year's Resolutions

    published Dec 27, 2011

    Well, Christmas is over, as is Festivus for the rest of us, and now 2012 is barreling down at us like Donkey Kong threw it. Some people say that this year will be humanity's last, but since we say tha... More >>

  • Happy Mauro Hamza Day! 5 Great Sword Fighting Themes

    published Dec 26, 2011

    We do love our obscure holidays here at Rocks Off, as well as setting up playlists for them, but this is the first time we've gotten to tackle a holiday exclusive to our own city. Ladies and gentlemen... More >>

  • Happy Gothmas! Top 10 Goth Christmas Songs

    Happy Gothmas! Top 10 Goth Christmas Songs

    published Dec 23, 2011

    "Dude, religious Christmas is pretty macabre. All kinds of scandal, sex with a ghost, strangers bringing mystical gifts, and everyone predicting this young couple's baby's death like its glorious wond... More >>

  • 5 Brilliant Classical Works With Obscenities for Names

    published Dec 23, 2011

    Our day job is as a clerk in a sheet music store, and in general it is a pretty sweet gig. We like being around music students, teachers, and people who just want to play. It truly is an invigorating ... More >>

  • American Horror Story: Endings Are Hard

    American Horror Story: Endings Are Hard

    published Dec 22, 2011

    We have a theory, and you're going to need some pretty hard arguments to dissuade us. The entire purpose of the season finale of American Horror Story was simply to endure long enough so that viewers ... More >>

  • The Embargo Act of 1807, And 5 Artists We'd Miss If It Was Still Here

    published Dec 22, 2011

    We're living in a globally connected world right now. Goods of all kinds are available from anywhere in the world in days, or in cases like music and films instantly. Our favorite expression lately is... More >>

  • Gothic Council Debates Great Gothic Album Cover Art

    published Dec 21, 2011

    Gothtopia would like to firmly bitch-slap an old adage, that being the warning about judging a book by its cover. The lesson we are supposed to draw from that is that we should look deeper inside than... More >>

  • Agony of Choice: BioShock Infinite vs. Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

    published Dec 21, 2011

    Art Attack has really enjoyed our new video game reviewer role because, well, who wouldn't? A return to the forefront of the gaming industry after being content to wander around a few system generatio... More >>

  • 5 Most Annoying Collections We Bought for Just One Item

    published Dec 21, 2011

    Art Attack's day job is as a clerk in a sheet music store. Now, people come in and they want a song, and if the song is really popular, say Adele's "Rolling in the Deep," then getting just that song i... More >>

  • Beach Boys Reunite for New Album, Ensure Armageddon.

    published Dec 20, 2011

    Mason Lankford said, "There will come a day when we forget the Rapture ever even happened," but Rocks Off is keeping an eye out for signs of our impending Armageddon. We were wrong last time, but we'r... More >>

  • My 5 Most Awkward Brushes with the Sex Industry

    My 5 Most Awkward Brushes with the Sex Industry

    published Dec 20, 2011

    Hi guys, Jef here. Let's drop the royal we for the duration of this and talk like regular folks with severe mental problems. This was a big year for me at the Houston Press, and also the first year ... More >>

  • Interview: Dani Filth Talks Concept Albums and Playing Live at Castle Bathory

    published Dec 20, 2011

    Our apologies to Dani Filth for any inconsistency as the voice recorder app we downloaded specifically for this interview and spent an hour practicing with to make sure it worked perfectly buggered of... More >>

  • AgesandAges: A Tale of Portland and Pearl Harbor

    published Dec 19, 2011

    As the year comes to its close and we welcome the cool temperatures and the grey skies, definitely our favorite weather, we turn to the Pacific Northwest and the band AgesandAges. Mick Cullen of Subte... More >>

  • A Geek Answers Your Children's Questions About Santa Claus

    A Geek Answers Your Children's Questions About Santa Claus

    published Dec 19, 2011

    If there is any one aspect of being a parent we have been avidly preparing for for years, it's how to explain the concept of Santa Claus to our child. The world of science and pop culture offers so ma... More >>

  • WarBeast: Oh Fuck, They Have a Time Machine

    published Dec 16, 2011

    It's a well-known fact that most band names are essentially gobbledygook, but here at Rocks Off we're trying hard to find meaning in the oddest monikers. We try real hard to avoid metal bands here in... More >>

  • The 9 Creepiest Laughs in Pop Culture

    published Dec 16, 2011

    They say laughter is the best medicine, but no matter how good the medicine is, if it's delivered with a rusty hypodermic needle by a disreputable Tijuanan doctor who smells vaguely of pennies and sou... More >>

  • American Horror Story: Born in Blood

    American Horror Story: Born in Blood

    published Dec 15, 2011

    Over the course of our coverage of American Horror Story we've been sort of dismissive of the ongoing story arch involving Viven's Connie Britton) pregnancy. They've done their level best to interest ... More >>

  • 30footFall Drummer Turns to Horror Scores

    30footFall Drummer Turns to Horror Scores

    published Dec 15, 2011

    Rocks Off literally can't remember a time when we couldn't find 30footFall in the concert listings of Houston Press and before that Public News. Like the Hates, the Sinister Sirens, and deadhorse they... More >>

  • Kerry Beyer: From Horror Flicks to Acoustic Hits

    published Dec 15, 2011

    We got to know Kerry Beyer, the acclaimed horror film director of Spirit Camp and co-founder of the Splatterfest Horror Festival went we were sent deep into the bowels of geekdom earlier this year whe... More >>

  • Voltron Forms Blazing Sword in New Game

    published Dec 14, 2011

    Look, we were born in 1981, so when someone says the word "Voltron," something deep within us awakens. There's an image in our head of giant robots, flaming swords and really, really badly animated ad... More >>

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