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  • Is Rap Ready For DJ Modesty?

    published Feb 24, 2011

    Last time we talked to Evan Cassidy of the Dudely Jones Comedy Tribe it was to discuss Nicki Minaj's "appearance" in his rap tribute to his ho-baiting dinosaur sweater. Well, Cassidy is back to being ... More >>

  • Tim Qualls Makes EP Melancholy On His Own

    published Feb 23, 2011

    One of the artists Rocks Off has most enjoyed getting to follow in the last couple of years is Tim Qualls. On the surface, his music is the same self-deprecating white guy acousti-pop that John Mayer ... More >>

  • A Birthday Trifecta For Lovers Of Oddball Music

    published Feb 22, 2011

    Today is George Washington's birthday, so there's that. However, February 22 is also the birthday of some truly bizarre figures in American history, and those figures have been the inspiration to a gr... More >>

  • Houston Filmmakers Aiding Rolling Stone Cover Hopeful

    published Feb 21, 2011

    Last year, Rocks Off was wowed by the talents of Charles Goubeaud of Metal Hands Media in his work for the music video for The Ride Home's "Girls." The video was an incredible piece of work, and featu... More >>

  • 30 Seconds With Gen, Genitorturers' No. 1 AC/DC Fan

    published Feb 18, 2011

    Rocks Off has been a big fan of the Genitorturers ever since we saw a bumper sticker that read, "My honor student got sodomized at the Genitorturers show!" We sat down with Gen, the lead singer of the... More >>

  • Five Vices That Need Celebrity Endorsements

    published Feb 17, 2011

    Ed. Note: Rocks Off does not advocate trying any of the products mentioned in this article (even if they exist) or, really, following any of Jef With One F's advice about anything at all. When Marily... More >>

  • Could Kindle Self-Publishing Spark A Zine Revival?

    published Feb 16, 2011

    Almost the first story we wrote for Rocks Off was a nostalgic trip through the old word of zine publishing, those wonderfully Xeroxed newsletters you used to see in music stores published by fans and ... More >>

  • Raising Goth Kids In Today's Disney Society

    published Feb 15, 2011

    Gothtopia is currently sitting on an advance copy of the Girls Rock Camp Houston DVD, which was filmed at Walter's and showcased several bands of young girls performing their original compositions. We... More >>

  • Local Radio Legend Recycles Former Career Into Art

    Local Radio Legend Recycles Former Career Into Art

    published Feb 14, 2011

    David Sadof is one of the most influential names in Houston radio. His show, Lunar Rotation, introduced the city to pretty much every top alternative act when he helmed the mike at KTBZ. But there's a... More >>

  • Lack Of Social Safety Net Tying Many Musicians To Day Jobs

    Lack Of Social Safety Net Tying Many Musicians To Day Jobs

    published Feb 14, 2011

    "I fantasize sometimes that my musical career would hit gold and help us escape these grim realities, but it's not something I really expect to happen." There are few issues in the current political ... More >>

  • Dead Bang DJs Take The Party Off The Dance Floor

    published Feb 14, 2011

    Rocks Off has spent more time at Numbers than is probably wise to admit, and through those hazy, vodka-clouded years we have always thoroughly enjoyed the main dance floor DJ sets of DJ Mina, DJ Nick ... More >>

  • 30 Seconds With Avant

    published Feb 11, 2011

    Rocks Off hooked up with R&B supervoice Avant (no, not like that) to see we could find out about the man behind hits like "Separated" and "My First Love" in 30 seconds. Rocks Off: What is the worst ... More >>

  • The Irrepressibles Stage A Mirror Mirror Spectacle

    published Feb 10, 2011

    Last year, Rocks Off was completely caught off guard by the sheer, unholy awesomness of The Irrepressibles. Director Roy Raz set their then-unreleased song "In This Shirt" to one of the most amazing a... More >>

  • Five Public Statue Suggestions for Five American Cities

    Five Public Statue Suggestions for Five American Cities

    published Feb 09, 2011

    Despite being the most well-thought out and perfect idea ever conceived, Mayor Dave Bing of Detroit turned down a Twittered suggestion that Detroit erect a statue of Robocop to compete with the statue... More >>

  • Promoter Mike Kelley: Numbers Is Houston's CBGB

    Promoter Mike Kelley: "Numbers Is Houston's CBGB"

    published Feb 09, 2011

    Numbers' credentials as a concert venue are undeniable - everyone from Siouxsie and the Banshees to Green Day to Type O Negative has played there. It's hard to argue, though, that the past decade hasn... More >>

  • 10 Beatles Urban Legends: True Or False?

    10 Beatles Urban Legends: True Or False?

    published Feb 09, 2011

    When you're a band like the Beatles - who first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show on Feb. 9, 1964, 47 years ago today - tall tales and urban legends spring up all around... mostly because when a band i... More >>

  • Holy Fiction: Thou Shalt Not Mocketh Our Name

    published Feb 08, 2011

    It's a well-known fact that most band names are essentially gobbledygook, but here at Rock's Off we're working hard to find some meaning behind the oddest monikers. Rocks Off has one thumb firmly on ... More >>

  • Ally ASL, "Mad Drummer" Discuss Internet Stardom

    published Feb 04, 2011

    Rocks Off has been lucky enough to be the first to report on two people whose viral videos propelled them into that strangest of 21st century clubs; that of internet star. The term is still used with ... More >>

  • Five Capcom Characters You Won't See in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

    published Feb 03, 2011

    Last time we explored the Marvel characters simply too lame to be included in the upcoming Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. This time, we'll take on the Capcom side of the equation, but with a slight difference. ... More >>

  • Ex-Clear Channel Exec Goes Online, Local With Radio Katy

    published Feb 03, 2011

    John Swift was Director of Productions for Clear Channel Houston until 2009, but his latest project is taking him off the airwaves and into the world of streaming audio with the launch of his Internet... More >>

  • Has The Houston Music Scene Turned Things Around?

    published Feb 02, 2011

    It's hard, if not impossible, to argue that Lee Alexander is one of Houston's most celebrated musical sons. If his Houston Press Music Awards were stacked on top of each other they would be taller tha... More >>

  • Five Marvel Characters You Won't See in <i>Marvel Vs. Capcom 3</i>

    Five Marvel Characters You Won't See in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

    published Feb 02, 2011

    Marvel vs Capcom 3 is a game that we have been highly anticipating for a decade, and it's going to be here in less than two weeks! We're not sure if we'd sell our first born to get our hands on a copy... More >>

  • 30 Seconds With Cradle Of Filth's Dani Filth

    published Feb 01, 2011

    Rocks Off sat down with Cradle of Filth's Dani Filth to see we could find out about the front man and founder of the British goth-metal band, which formed in 1991, in 30 seconds. Rocks Off: What is t... More >>

  • Gothic Council Debates Peter Murphy's March 19 Show

    Gothic Council Debates Peter Murphy's March 19 Show

    published Feb 01, 2011

    It was announced recently that the Godfather of Goth himself, Peter Murphy, will be making a special trip down to Houston. The former Bauhaus front man and composer of super-hits like "Cuts You Up" an... More >>

  • UC Radio's Mike Yusi: How To Succeed In Podcasting

    published Jan 31, 2011

    "Traditional radio is as dead as Joey Ramone." Last year, Rocks Off's editor - who will be played by upcoming Celebrity Apprentice contestant Gary Busey for the duration of this article - hauled us ... More >>

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