Jesse Sendejas Jr.

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  • 4 days ago | Pop Life

    It’s 2016 in America and, oddly enough, more people of color are vying for the Republican party’s presidential nomination than have been tabbed for acting awards at this year’s Oscars. To some, how many black, Latino or Asian actors aren’t nominat...

  • 9 days ago | Screwston, Texas

    According to Eastdown Warehouse's Adam Rodriguez, his friend Gerardo Martinez, Jr. could have been a comedian. He had a quick wit and won people over easily. Fortunately for Houston rap fans, Martinez chose music instead. As Big Gerb, he was ...

  • 11 days ago | Pop Life

    Excluding the offenses that could get you a night’s lodging at the local jailhouse, which crimes are you most likely to commit in the car? Do you cram fast food into your hungry face while you’re literally single-handedly navigating a suddenly-tre...

  • 13 days ago | Listen Up!

    Sometimes, big dreams start from tiny places. This is the premise behind NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Contest, which is presently accepting video entries from unheralded music acts. The contest is an offshoot of the network’s wildly popular Tiny Desk Con...

  • 17 days ago | Internet

    If you’re reading this on a computer, there’s a chance you have an app like Spotify streaming music in the background. Maybe that app and others, like Pandora, Shazam and Bandcamp, have also found homes on your smartphone. These modern marvels beg...

  • 23 days ago | Bayou City

    My new year’s resolution is to do more creative writing. I have four unfinished novels to revisit and I’m convinced this will be the year I actually complete one. My biggest problem is finding time to write between a full-time, bill-paying job and...


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