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  • Benefit for the Children of Danny Armantrout, Featuring Simpleton and Dinosaur Salad

    published July 3, 2003

    On June 10, Danny Armantrout and Justine "Buttafly" Maxwell were murdered in their home by Robert Saulter, Maxwell’s ex-boyfriend, who kille... More >>

  • Static on the Dial

    published July 3, 2003

    A little less than four months after getting fired by Clear Channel Broadcasting, June Garcia Sherman, formerly the director of nontraditional... More >>

  • The Filthy Skanks

    published June 26, 2003

    Dallas metal act the Filthy Skanks have something for everybody -- something for everybody with an IQ under 65, that is. If you think... More >>

  • Faux Strummer, Bogus Buzzcocks and Phony Ramones

    published June 26, 2003

    It's an incongruous sight -- a jittery, clean-shaven twentysomething guy with a conservative haircut is on the Rudyard's stage with a punk quartet... More >>

  • The Cruel and Unusual, with Poor Dumb Bastards, Hobble, Dick Delicious and Southern Riot

    published June 19, 2003

    Just when it seems punk has gone completely corporate (think Good Charlotte) or has become a nostalgia circuit (Cramps, Buzzcocks), here comes a... More >>

  • Lucky Dube

    published June 19, 2003

    About 20 years ago, South African mbaqanga singer Lucky Dube heard a Peter Tosh record and realized that reggae was a better vehicle for... More >>

  • A Prickly Pair of Problems

    published June 19, 2003

    It's been a bad couple of weeks for Cactus Music and Video. First, Weingarten Realty Investors, the company that owns the Alabama-Shepherd... More >>

  • Infernal Bridegroom Productions

    published June 12, 2003

    Songs from the Meat/BAR (Infernal Bridegroom Productions) More >>

  • Washington Avenue Rocks

    published June 12, 2003

    The trouble with far too many local music festivals is that they're full of bands that are, in a word, bad. Most promoters think that quantity... More >>

  • Houston Music Map

    published June 5, 2003

    What do you do when you go in an acquaintance's house for the first time? If you're a music fan, chances are you inspect the CD collection and... More >>

  • Another Man Done Gone

    published May 29, 2003

    Some musicians transcend their field and become something more. Joe "Guitar" Hughes, who passed away on May 21, was one such. Hughes was a Houston... More >>

  • Fitz's Flick

    published May 22, 2003

    The young man is seated on a wooden deck in a lawn chair in broad daylight. He is unshaven, bleary-eyed and wearing a grease-stained wife-beater.... More >>

  • East Is East and West Is West

    published May 22, 2003

    Indian-American DJ Navdeep's CD Yaathra (Punjabi for "journey") is like fine travel literature set to music, Paul Theroux with a... More >>

  • Opie Hendrix & The Texas Tallboys

    published May 15, 2003

    F. Scott Fitzgerald was dead wrong. There are second acts in American lives. Dubya went from drunk to president. Willie Nelson went from Nashville... More >>

  • The Power of 12

    published May 15, 2003

    As Pantera would put it, both Arthur Yoria and Matt Maloney are far beyond driven. Maloney parlayed his relatively small size and average talent... More >>

  • The Velvet Viking

    published May 15, 2003

    They say opposites attract, and that's definitely true in the case of Norwegian singer-songwriter Sondre Lerche. Lerche comes from Bergen, Norway,... More >>

  • Dark Riders

    published May 8, 2003

    Nothing screams "superstar" like a performance contract fat with pages and pages of demanding hospitality riders. For the uninitiated, riders are... More >>

  • AbNORML Behavior

    published May 1, 2003

    According to just about everyone involved, Alex Lozano's Washington Avenue 420 Music Fest went pretty well, from a musical standpoint. About 300... More >>

  • New-World Diva

    published May 1, 2003

    It's fitting that Lila (pronounced "LEE-la") Downs called her 2001 album La Linea. While the title translates literally as "the line," it... More >>

  • ¡Viva México!

    published April 24, 2003

    As with Mexican cooking, many non-Hispanic Texans have entirely the wrong idea about what Mexican music is. The same Anglos who think Mexican food... More >>

  • The End of the World As We Know It

    published April 24, 2003

    "Turn out the lights, the party's over. They say that all good things must end." So sang Willie Nelson a long time ago, and while Earthwire... More >>

  • Wesley Willis

    published April 17, 2003

    When he's not suggesting that you suck a caribou's bootyhole or some such, schizophrenic Chicago singer-songwriter Wesley Willis is usually right.... More >>

  • Fests of Fury

    published April 17, 2003

    With a second 420 festival planned for the weekend of April 19 and 20, Houston is rapidly earning itself a new nickname. With the old "Baghdad on... More >>

  • Dreaming the Impossible Dream

    published April 10, 2003

    They say that the most segregated hour in America is noon on Sunday, and that old saw holds as true in Houston as it does elsewhere, but here,... More >>

  • SMOM-my Dearest

    published April 3, 2003

    With the hipster set being priced farther and farther north out of the Heights and Montrose (today Garden Oaks… tomorrow Acres Homes?... More >>

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