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  • The O.G. of Love

    published October 13, 2005

    It's hard to believe, but in the late 1940s, Lightnin' Hopkins, Johnny Copeland, Joe Hughes, Albert Collins and Little Joe Washington were all... More >>

  • Vagina Music Roundup

    published October 6, 2005

    If the kind reader will indulge Wack in a little cultural trend analysis: In the movie Walking and Talking (1996), Ann Heche's husband... More >>

  • Rock and Roll Bestiary

    published October 6, 2005

    When it comes to naming bands, "wolf" is the new black. No fewer than eight wolf bands played at last month's potentially career-making CMJ... More >>

  • Hurricane Mixtape

    published September 29, 2005

    Well, unless we're very unlucky and Rita stalls out over us like Allison did, Houston's scariest hurricane in at least 20 years will have come and... More >>

  • So Long, For Now So Long

    published September 29, 2005

    What was it about Frank Zappa and Third Ward guitarists? In addition to having been a huge fan of and repeat collaborator with the late Johnny... More >>

  • Rita Beatahs

    published September 29, 2005

    Seldom has Houston been more freaked out than it was in the Week of Hurricane Rita. Helped by disaster-loving local forecasters, fueled by the... More >>

  • Million Dollar Smile

    published September 22, 2005

    It's true. Just like he says, Paul Wall really is, as the title of his major-label official debut has it, The People's Champ. That much is... More >>

  • Answering the Musical Question

    published September 15, 2005

    Giant outsider performer Wesley Willis's connections to Houston were somewhat tenuous, but the Chicagoan did have a couple. For one, local scene... More >>

  • Tremé, Texas

    published September 15, 2005

    In a well-intentioned but flawed Fox News article that came out in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, columnist Roger Friedman railed... More >>

  • My Darlin' New Orleans

    published September 8, 2005

    "When the riverbanks are overflowing / and the streetcar has seen its day / when all is gone / the plantation, Tremé, Vieux Carré /... More >>

  • The Chocolate Bayou Festival, Featuring Angie Stone

    published September 1, 2005

    This two-day fest serves up one of the best buffets of music styles in the city. Among the locals, you've got your top-shelf zydeco in Step... More >>

  • David Allan Coe

    published September 1, 2005

    Remember when male country stars were -- at least ostensibly -- dangerous dudes? Back when Cash was singing about shooting a man in Reno just to... More >>

  • Nortec Collective

    published September 1, 2005

    Tijuana just might be the Las Vegas of Mexico -- a boomtown sin city widely regarded as bereft of any culture above kitsch. Creemos que no,... More >>

  • The Return of the Houston Kid

    published September 1, 2005

    at the Continental Club, 3700 Main. Lee Roy Parnell opens both nights. For more information, call 713-529-9899. More >>

  • Coal Miner Mother of a Mess

    published August 25, 2005

    A couple of Fridays ago, my wife and son were out playing softball, and I found myself baby-sitting our infant daughter. Having gotten her off to... More >>

  • Green Day

    published August 18, 2005

    Let's travel back in time ten and a half years. New English wife in tow, yours truly had just returned to America after three years abroad. After... More >>

  • Houston Press 15th Anniversary Party, Featuring Hollertronix

    published August 18, 2005

    Hollertronix DJ Diplo was partially raised in the gator-infested suburbs north of Miami and has since called Philly home. You can hear the sounds... More >>

  • "I Raq and Roll" vs. "We Can't Make It Here"

    published August 18, 2005

    Last Tuesday, the Pentagon announced the "America Supports You Freedom Walk" to honor those slain on 9/11 and the armed forces and, as the... More >>

  • The Kids Are All Right

    published August 18, 2005

    More >>

  • Big Boss Man

    published August 11, 2005

    To me, the late 1940s were one of the most fascinating times in American music history, especially for black music. In the music of guys like... More >>

  • Train in Vain

    published August 11, 2005

    This summer, I've had a lot of trouble simply getting from point A to point B. First, there was the "African king" who approached me at the Metro... More >>

  • The Voodoo Chile's Slight Return

    published August 4, 2005

    The Mirrors appear , at More >>

  • Houston's Gone Gaaga for Haaga

    published August 4, 2005

    The votes have been counted and the shows have been played. The deal's gone down, and the winners have their wonderful trophies. Houston's... More >>

  • DJ Big E's "Rock It Baby, Rock It" Show

    published July 28, 2005

    Back in 2001, Edgar "DJ Big E" Salazar turned 30 and decided to throw a big rockabilly bash to celebrate. Though he'd hosted many a show over the... More >>

  • Breakdown Lane

    published July 28, 2005

    Many music-minded viewers of the MLB All-Star Game earlier this month were shocked, astonished and disillusioned at the newest truck commercial... More >>

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