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  • SoundExchange Wants to Kill Internet Radio

    published May 17, 2007

    Other than being musicians from Houston, what do Big Pokey, Mickey Newbury and Lightnin' Hopkins have in common? Or how about Fever Tree, the... More >>

  • Houston Radio Still Sucks

    published May 10, 2007

    Yeah, yeah, we know. It's an iPod/choose-your-own-adventure/satellite radio world. Old-school terrestrial radio is dead. Who wants to mess around... More >>

  • Doug Supernaw

    published May 10, 2007

    Even by his own standards, which have grown increasingly bizarre over the past ten years, the show Doug Supernaw was putting on in an April... More >>

  • Houston Mixtape Volume III

    published May 3, 2007

    About six months ago, we committed to an ongoing lifetime project, a stab at creating the ultimate Houston mixtape. The criteria are simple — th... More >>

  • Stingaree Music Festival

    published April 26, 2007

    I can't believe all these people came out,” said John Evans, surveying the scene at the first-ever Stingaree Music Festival in not-so-warm,... More >>

  • Don't Take Your Guns to Town

    published April 19, 2007

    It just doesn't get much more country than one witness's account of the Billy Joe Shaver shooting, which took place a couple of weeks ago near... More >>

  • Houston International Fest 2007

    published April 19, 2007

    You'll remember that just three years ago, the Houston International Festival was in dire straits. Exiled by a pissing match with City Hall's fees... More >>

  • Maybe the Time Was Finally Right. Or Something.

    published Apr 12, 2007

    It’s kind of a mystery to me why there is all this outrage over this particular racial crack from Don Imus. After all, way back decades ago, he was airing stuff like this on his morning show. (To ... More >>

  • Chingo Bling: They Can't Deport Us All

    published April 12, 2007

    In the middle of last month, local rapper Chingo Bling launched the media blitz for his June 5 release They Can't Deport Us All in... More >>

  • SXSW Manifesto

    published April 5, 2007

    Upstairs at Rudyard's on a weeknight is as good a place as any to hatch a sweeping manifesto, and that's just what local indie rocker Chris... More >>

  • Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

    published April 5, 2007

    Joe Strummer, the Jam and Billy Bragg are the names you most often see bandied about in comparison to East Coast power-punker Ted Leo. Those are... More >>

  • Idol Chatter

    published Mar 28, 2007

    All in all this was one of the most boring weeks ever — what were those songs Blake, Sanjaya, LaKisha and Melinda sang? Broadway or something? The especially delectable guest mentor Gwen S... More >>

  • Paradise by the Dashboard Light/Houston Music

    published March 29, 2007

    So I was still in South By mode last week, still amped, still believing I could walk out of my house and into a night full of music. I checked... More >>

  • South By Southwest 2007

    published March 22, 2007

    To get to the Fader party at South By Southwest, you must first wend your way through a maze of Levi's products out to a back patio that is... More >>

  • South By Due East

    published March 15, 2007

    Every year, from the looks of it, March is the finest month to be a music lover in Houston. (I wouldn't know for sure -- every year since 2001, I... More >>

  • Mister, Mister Upgrayedd, Walkin' Down the Block...

    published Mar 12, 2007

    So I finally got around to catching Mike Judge's new flick Idiocracy this weekend. All I have to say in the way of a review is this: It's better than Borat, and America needed this movie more. T... More >>

  • Idol Chatter

    published Mar 08, 2007

    I missed the bulk of this week's guys night, but I did catch the review at the end, so I have enough to go on to make some predictions. Also, I have now officially soured on Chris Sligh. Yeah, t... More >>

  • SXSW Preview

    published March 8, 2007

    South by Southwest is again upon us, bigger and maybe even better than ever, and Houston has what looks like a record number of bands, rappers and... More >>

  • Johnny Bush

    published March 8, 2007

    The last few years have seen a mini-trend of internationally renowned artists releasing albums about growing up in Houston. Rodney Crowell got the... More >>

  • Idol Chatter

    published Mar 01, 2007

    Dedications week has come to an end and so has "the journey" for four more American Idol contestants. (When did everybody start calling participation in a reality show a "journey"? It's pretenti... More >>

  • Liquid Lunch

    published March 1, 2007

    Sometimes you've just gotta have that four-beer lunch. Maybe the weather's been bad for awhile, or maybe you've hit a boring patch at your job, or... More >>

  • Houston Rock Scene Woes, Continued

    published March 1, 2007

    Brad Moore has been a dedicated observer of and participant in the Houston rock scene for about 15 years. A former denizen of the... More >>

  • This Just In: Music World Acquires Compadre

    published Feb 27, 2007

    At first it seems a hard circle to square — the same local label group serving as the home of both Billy Joe Shaver and James McMurtry and Beyonce/Destiny's Child and the Dreamgirls soundtrack, ... More >>

  • Idol Chatter

    published Feb 22, 2007

    Tonight's the Night, and it ain't gonna be alright for an unlucky four contestants, each of whom already have pre-edited "Bad Day" montages waiting to be cued. Here are my predictions. MALES S... More >>

  • Musical Food Groups

    published February 22, 2007

    You often hear that certain music is "cheesy." That's all well and good, but what kind of cheesy? Is it hard cheesy or runny cheesy? Processed or... More >>

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