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  • The Head of the Class

    published February 22, 2007

    Allen Hill, Houston's High Priest of the Oldies, never thought of himself as an American Idol kind of guy. Like a lot of hip people, he... More >>

  • Idol Chatter

    published Feb 16, 2007

    Sundance Head, the son of Gulf Coast music legend Roy Head and the pride of Porter, has already seen his American Idol stock soar and tumble like the gone-but-not-forgotten Texas Cyclone. After ... More >>

  • Talk to Mee

    published February 15, 2007

    A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the "cultural cringe" -- the ingrained belief that nothing from Houston is as good as stuff from other, more... More >>

  • That's Cool, That's Trash

    published Feb 09, 2007

    As some of you know, I like to walk. Since Houston is not a particularly scenic city and I have lived here for most of my life, I don't really waste much time looking around. What I do instead is keep... More >>

  • Fadin' Renegade

    published February 8, 2007

    On that magic March night in 1994, new country sensation Doug Supernaw had the whole world at his feet, damn-near literally. This was the era of... More >>

  • Bad Advice

    published Feb 02, 2007

    Imagine you are a tourist here in town. You have a room at one of the seeming dozens of swanky new downtown hotels. You've been to the zoo and the museums and now you want to see what Houston's a... More >>

  • Nobody Gets Out of Here Alive

    published February 1, 2007

    Nobody in Houston was ever worth a shit," writes Houston-bred honky-tonk legend Johnny Bush in his forthcoming autobiography Whiskey River... More >>

  • Gift Rap

    published Jan 26, 2007

    Sweet! Those of you who think that the American Idol auditions are a little too mean, but still love to watch talent contests are in luck. Gifted begins tonight on TBN. From the show's Web site: ... More >>

  • Idol Chatter

    published Jan 25, 2007

    If there's a sadder commentary on the state of celeb-obsessed, endlessly validated American youth than the deranged Sarah Goldberg, I have had the good fortune to avoid it thus far. You'll remem... More >>

  • Goodbye Joe, Me Gotta Go

    published January 25, 2007

    For a downright miserable cold and rainy Thursday night, there's a decent crowd at the Continental Club. They are here to see the Lost Bayou... More >>

  • Idol Chatter

    published Jan 18, 2007

    Seattle — what happened? I remember there was once a day not too terribly long ago when you heard no more about that rainy northwestern metropolis than any other large American city. It wa... More >>

  • Idol Chatter

    published January 18, 2007

    College football season has ended, and the Super Bowl is a few weeks away. Hockey and basketball are in their January doldrums of well-nigh... More >>

  • Idol Chatter

    published Jan 16, 2007

    "To crush your enemies, to see them fall at your feet — to take their horses and goods and hear the lamentation of their women. That is best." -- Genghis Khan, 1162-1227 Ol' Genghis coul... More >>

  • Rogue Waves

    published January 11, 2007

    Ho hum, another year has come and gone, and Houston's commercial FM pop and rock radio -- both contemporary and classic -- is still, on the whole,... More >>

  • Papa Didn't Take No Mess

    published January 4, 2007

    Spike Lee, in his 1989 masterpiece Do the Right Thing, managed to examine the whole of black thought on the race question. You had the... More >>

  • DISConnect: Turntables

    published January 4, 2007

    Even as the packaged compact disc approaches death, vinyl, the music medium it was supposed to have completely destroyed, is showing signs of a... More >>

  • DISConnect

    published January 4, 2007

    Last month, EMI Music Chairman and Chief Executive Alain Levy walked up to a podium at the London Business School and told an assemblage of... More >>

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