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  • Our Congresspeople: The Best & Worst

    published Aug 27, 2008

    Tuesday, The Washingtonian came out with its annual Best and Worst of Congress issue. The magazine polls 1,700 “administrative assistants, press secretaries, legislative directors, and chiefs ... More >>

  • Construction of Bank Branches Finally Slowing Down

    published Aug 26, 2008

    You remember that episode in The Simpsons where the enthusiastic and forward-looking evil genius Hank Scorpio gives Homer a job in his spiffy and fun Globex Corporation and the family moves to tha... More >>

  • Even 120 Years Ago, Houston Was A (Rude) Foodie Heaven

    published Aug 26, 2008

    If there is one field of artistic endeavor in which Houston undoubtedly already excels on a level that can be called without hyperbole “world-class,” it is the culinary arts. By all accounts, ... More >>

  • We Read The Small-Town Police Blotters, So You Don’t Have To

    published Aug 20, 2008

    I love reading small-town newspapers. It’s not just that virtually everything in them is new to me as an outsider. No, it’s also that more of the human drama, or comedy, as the case may be, is dee... More >>

  • Big Plans in Little Sugar Land: Pro Baseball and Concerts Coming to the Brazos?

    published Aug 19, 2008

    It’s a prominent national trend: sterile but affluent suburbs all over strip-mall and cul-de-sac America scramble to retro-fit with culture, fun, a municipal center. You know, one of them-there ... More >>

  • The Waterways of Harris County

    published Aug 19, 2008

    That ours is a city of many gas stations, nail salons, cell phone boutiques, and chain drug stores is well known to even the most casual of Houston explorers, be they afoot or aboard an automobile. ... More >>

  • Sole of Houston: Strip Mall Taverns on the Southwest Side

    published Aug 12, 2008

    A couple of weeks ago David Beebe and I and special guest Sole-r Sam Smith attempted an overly bold trek from the Brazoria County Line all the way up South Post Oak to Willowbend, from whence we i... More >>

  • Sole Of Houston: Now With Google Maps

    published Aug 05, 2008

    Did you know Google Maps has now added walking directions? It seems to work pretty well for strictly local trips. For example, I asked it for the best way to walk from my house near the Palace La... More >>

  • Pol Brennan Rides Out Hurricane In Solitary

    published Aug 01, 2008

    A couple of weeks ago we reported on the plight of Pol Brennan, the former Irish Republican Army man held in a Federal lock-up in the Valley on an immigration charge. A lot has happened since. Th... More >>

  • Gone To Join The Choir Invisible

    published Jul 30, 2008

    Read the Houston Chronicle’s death notices long enough, and you’ll realize there are more than 1,000 ways to die. Not physical causes of death, mind you: we’re talking about hundreds and hun... More >>

  • Goodbye, Bellaire Trolley Station

    published Jul 29, 2008

    In the continued march to make all of Houston’s thoroughfares uniformly dull and uninteresting, the city of Bellaire demolished the replica trolley station that stood in the median of Bellaire B... More >>

  • Marvin Zindler, One Year Later

    published Jul 29, 2008

    Marvin Zindler died a year ago today. My wife and I happened to catch his final report under very weird circumstances. On a whim, we decided to take our daughter and check into the Hilton Americ... More >>

  • Prosecutors Hate Bible-Lovers

    published Jul 22, 2008

    When it comes to jury selection, Harris County prosecutors are a notoriously picky lot. They will attempt to strike you from the jury if you are possessed of the “wrong” color skin, opposed to... More >>

  • Forbes' Best Places -- San Fran, Boston and...Houston?

    published Jul 22, 2008

    Houston is perched near the top of yet another of those places rated-type polls. This time around, Forbes measured each city’s number of top companies, ability to attract graduates from elite co... More >>

  • Homeland Security Won't Let a Former IRA Man Out of Prison

    published July 24, 2008

    In six hours this past January, all the good that Pól Brennan had ever done came unraveled. The 56-year-old Belfast-born... More >>

  • Jesus on a Pole -- Updated

    published Jul 21, 2008

    The plot has thickened at the Miraculous Jesus Pole in Alice, Texas. Things have taken a turn for the worse. According to another report from the Alice-Echo News, not everyone venerated the wondro... More >>

  • Banking Disaster -- Texas Style

    published Jul 16, 2008

    The real reason banks are on the verge of collapse: As you might imagine, this little mishap did, of course, occur here in Texas. The East Texas town of Center, to be exact. It's only the second-mo... More >>

  • Have Houston Doctors Cracked the AIDS Virus?

    published Jul 16, 2008

    Per the UPI, word is filtering out of the scientific press that a trio of pathologists led by Dr. Sudhir Paul at the University of Texas Medical School here in Houston has pinpointed the Achilles ... More >>

  • Meth Comes to the Burbs

    published Jul 15, 2008

    There’s been a lot of talk and hand-wringing lately about what to do about the FM 1960 area, especially the stretch west of I-45 and east of Steubner-Airline. With all the foreclosed homes, vacant ... More >>

  • Jesus On a Stick

    published Jul 15, 2008

    According to Alice, Texas resident Mirabel Martinez, Jesus is putting in an appearance a few dozen miles west of his namesake city of Corpus Christi. For reasons of His own choosing, the Messiah... More >>

  • The Year the Smurfs Attacked

    published Jul 14, 2008

    Twenty-five years ago this past January, Houston middle-school playgrounds were a-hum with fear and loathing. Rumors were crackling like wildfire about a deadly, remorseless street gang with the c... More >>

  • Houston Has a Bad Reputation with Touring Indie Bands

    published July 10, 2008

    For lovers of modern indie rock, Houston has its very own Pearl Harbor Day — October 13, 2006. The battle took place at the Rice... More >>

  • A Modest Proposal: Teach the Gangbangers Respect

    published Jun 26, 2008

    Of late, even a cursory perusal of the B-section of the Houston Chronicle reveals a disturbing trend. Gang crime, of the most odious sort. In today’s paper alone, there are accounts of three MS... More >>

  • The Wayback Machine: 5, 10 and 15 Years Ago in Houston Music

    published Jun 20, 2008

    On the third week of June, 1993…The Mothership connected on Richmond: George Clinton made landfall at Rockefeller’s West…Danny "The Humbler" Gatton shredded in the Bon Ton Room. He would kill hi... More >>

  • Bill Bentley Goes Online with Sonic Boomers

    published June 19, 2008

    Bill Bentley has been going to a lot of funerals lately. Both of the 57-year-old Houston native's parents passed away in the last year, each time... More >>

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