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  • 3 days ago | Sports

    The stories about the Houston Oilers are numerous, and legendary. There’s the Stagger Lee. There’s The Comeback. There’s the Mike Renfro non-catch in the end zone. There’s Buddy Ryan throwing a punch at Kevin Gilbride on nationwide television. The...

  • 7 days ago | Sports

    There’s a bell for UH players to ring at practice. If they’re feeling tired or feeling like they need a break, then all they have to do is ring the bell. There’s just one issue, of course. If that bell is rung, then the player has to take off his...

  • 10 days ago | Sports

    The Houston Cougars were a nothing football program when Bill Yeoman took over as head coach in 1962. The team’s struggled to be something more than nothing since his departure after the 1986 season. He won 160 games over his career while coaching...

  • 14 days ago | Sports

    The Rice Owls were the laughingstock of college football for many, many years. One win seasons, three win seasons, losing season after losing season. A small school in a major conference playing the big boy football programs season after season. B...

  • 17 days ago | Sports

    The Astros are in a bit of a slump. The team’s lost seven of its last 10 games. The starting pitching has been pretty solid, but the hitting has disappeared. Yet the Astros do have a winning record since the All Star break, and then there’s the im...

  • 21 days ago | Sports

    The Donald Trump of sports controversies continues to bang the drums of insanity. And with the start of the NFL season about a month away, it’s looking like the nonsensical Tom Brady-Deflategate saga’s not going to just disappear. At least not unt...


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