Kate McLean

Kate McLean

Kate McLean is a trained chef, freelancer, and contributor of the Houston Press. She has explored, feasted and cooked all over the world including extended stints in France, Seattle, Hawaii and Houston.

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  • 1 day ago | Bar Beat

    Jell-O shots are great year-round, but especially fun in the summer. If you find yourself in the Montrose area, a pit stop at George is a must. Six jell-O shot "syringes" will run you $20, or they're $4.25 a pop; a great way to taste the rainbow a...

  • 2 days ago | Chef Chat

    Initiate tractor beam to try and get chef Sarah Grueneberg back to Houston for good. The highly accoladed Chicago chef returns home to cook an Italian dinner with chef Chris Shepherd on June 27 at One Fifth. Pretty cute actually, after the ea...

  • 8 days ago | Bar Beat

    Like a baby's rattle, the rhythmic clack of his shaker quietly commands attention. Zach Churbock is quick and calculated, his movements mesmerize as he measures, dashes, and strains with grace. "Boozy or refreshing?" "Whisky." He smiled boyishly, ...

  • 9 days ago | Chef Chat

    The world might get a lot more done if we all had just a little sprinkle of Christine Hà on us. She'd make a great general because she's good at assessing, dividing, and conquering; like her own fears. Looking back, a phone interview was a gr...

  • 16 days ago | Chef Chat

    If Jean-Philippe Gaston were a pirate ship captain I'd gladly swab the decks. The charming chef likes all the fun things; like motorcycles and martial arts and whiskey. While at the same time, dead serious about the food he puts out. In order to i...

  • 17 days ago | Pop Culture

    Maybe it's the 80-year-old man in me talking or maybe it's the collective voice of frustrated 30-somethings, but dating apps aren't where it's at. What has happened to smiling and eye-contact being our only tools? In an age of swiping left, right,...


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