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  • The Egg & I

    published Dec 29, 2008

    At the newly refurbished shopping center on Memorial and Kirkwood that was once anchored by Hungry's and the slightly shady Russian food store, Moscow Market, a change has taken place. ... More >>

  • Chess Pie: A Southern Tradition

    published Dec 29, 2008

    Chess pie is one of those forgotten vestiges of old Southern culture, like RC Colas and Moon Pies, that hasn't yet been snapped up by nouveau foodies and made trendy again, as has been done with... More >>

  • Port for the Holidays

    published Dec 24, 2008

    I was at Spec's the other evening and ended up in the Port section.  I struck up a conversation with a guy who looked a little overwhelmed by all of the different choices and we ended up having... More >>

  • Christmas Eve Dining, Without the Duck Heads

    published Dec 23, 2008

    Want to take the family out for a nice meal tomorrow night so someone else can wash the dishes for a change?  Worn out from holiday shopping and don't want to cook dinner?  Or have the Bump... More >>

  • Festivus Miracle Meatloaf

    published Dec 22, 2008

    If you aren't preparing to celebrate Christmas in your household this week, then there's a good chance that you are instead erecting a Festivus pole and warming up to face Uncle Joey for t... More >>

  • Mom's Christmas Fudge

    published Dec 19, 2008

    My mother is known for many things, but chief among them is her famous Christmas fudge.  Each year, lucky friends and family make out with a tin or two.  And until my grandfather passed awa... More >>

  • Whiskey A-Go-Go at Poison Girl

    published Dec 17, 2008

    Ever since acclaimed mixologist Bobby Heugel left Beaver's earlier this year, Houston has been eagerly awaiting the opening of his very own bar, Anvil, located on a precarious curve along Westheimer ... More >>

  • The Christmas That Gift Baskets Forgot

    published Dec 17, 2008

    Usually, by this this time in December each year, offices around the country are swimming in gift baskets from Harry & David, boxes of chocolate from Godiva, or crates of summer sausage and chedda... More >>

  • Christmas Shopping and Q in Bellville

    published Dec 15, 2008

    The Poffenberger boys at Bellville Meat Market got into the barbecue business fairly recently. It wasn't until two years ago that they started selling brisket and sausage sandwiches at the butcher s... More >>

  • Weekend Find

    published Dec 14, 2008

    Late season heirloom tomatoes at the newly-opened H-E-B in west Houston at Bunker Hill and I-10. These beautiful babies were going for $5.99 a pound when I visited the much-ballyhooed new H-E-B... More >>

  • Perry vs. Perry

    published Dec 12, 2008

    In one of the more petulant and childish moves in restaurant nomenclature history, Perry's Restaurant in Dallas recently issued a call to their customers to help them come up with a new nam... More >>

  • Update: Snot What You Thought

    published Dec 12, 2008

    After highlighting a local man's discovery of what appeared to be a giant loogie in his can of green tea, the tea company has responded with an apology and an explanation. According to Steaz ... More >>

  • Homemade Tamales R Us

    published Dec 12, 2008

    The question around town is: "Where can I get some homemade tamales?" For a great many Texans, tamales are a necessity of the holiday season. But the tamales you buy in the grocery store are usually... More >>

  • 86'd at *17

    published Dec 11, 2008

    The only reason to go to *17 at the Alden Hotel (aside from the snazzy decor which, truthfully, you can approximate for free by hanging out inside of West Elm) has left the building.&nb... More >>

  • Sneeze Green Tea

    published Dec 10, 2008

    It's mid-afternoon.  You had a heavy lunch.  The work day is sliding by like thick molasses in winter.  You're dragging ass, big time.  So you decide to pop open a cold, ... More >>

  • Putting Dr Pepper on the Map

    published Dec 10, 2008

    Over the past few months, local TV personality and blogger Mike McGuff has been steadfastly and patiently compiling a list of all the locations around the greater Houston area where one can procure h... More >>

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