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  • Tequila!

    published Apr 30, 2009

    Wine flights?  Common.  Beer flights?  Getting there.  But tequila flights?  Now there's a new one.Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, the newly-opened Bodega's Taco Shop in ... More >>

  • La Comida Mas Fina Para Cinco De Mayo

    La Comida Mas Fina Para Cinco De Mayo

    published Apr 29, 2009

    Even if you're a bit rusty on your high school Spanish, at least one thing should be gleaned from that headline: Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner! Despite the fact that the holiday is l... More >>

  • Missed Your Free Ice Cream Cone Last Week?

    published Apr 29, 2009

    Don't despair: Baskin-Robbins has your back. Today only, the ice cream chain is holding its annual 31 Cent Scoop Night to benefit the National Volunteer Firefighters Council and firefighters acro... More >>

  • Dining Out For Life

    published Apr 28, 2009

    On Thursday, April 30th, restaurants in over 50 cities across the nation are inviting patrons to dine out for life. The event was created in 1991 to support AIDS research in Philadelphia and has ... More >>

  • Where Are We Eating?

    published Apr 27, 2009

    In addition to our weekly Snackshot and the popular This Week In Deliciousness wrapups, we're adding another feature here at Eating Our Words. Inspired by our amazing Flickr pool and by the etern... More >>

  • A Better Breakfast at Manena's

    A Better Breakfast at Manena's

    published Apr 27, 2009

    Grabbing breakfast on the go can get stale very easily.  Egg McMuffins, breakfast tacos, Starbucks muffins, kolaches, donuts... All the quickly-obtained breakfasts of the busy, the m... More >>

  • Snackshot: Sunday Feast

    published Apr 27, 2009

    Today's luscious Snackshot comes to us courtesy of Pixeltopia and Feast: From the photographer's description: "Sunday Brunch at Feast, on Westheimer" that included roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, r... More >>

  • The Valet Problem

    published Apr 23, 2009

    Last Friday night, a friend and I were making our way down Montrose in search of some Mexican food.  "I haven't been to El Tiempo in a while," he said, and so we headed off. Pulling up to the fa... More >>

  • One of My Least Favorite Cars in the World: Embarrassing Moments in Toyota Prius History

    "One of My Least Favorite Cars in the World": Embarrassing Moments in Toyota Prius History

    published Apr 22, 2009

    Claiming environmental superiority, low gas mileage and the quietest ride outside of a bicycle, the Toyota Prius is a car that inspires rabid, cult-like legions of fans. They create websites, message... More >>

  • A Day in the Life of a Personal Chef

    A Day in the Life of a Personal Chef

    published Apr 21, 2009

    Jo Gonzales is a personal chef.  Most people look puzzled when she walks the aisles of the grocery store in her bright orange embroidered chef's coat or pulls up in her SUV with its magnetic sign... More >>

  • 4/20 Food: Crap You Only Eat When Stoned

    4/20 Food: Crap You Only Eat When Stoned

    published Apr 20, 2009

    There are many great and glorious foodstuffs in the world, foodstuffs that are widely acclaimed and highly prized: caviar, bacon, oysters, cheeseburgers, foie gras and fiddlehead ferns.  And then... More >>

  • Snackshot: Cioppino

    published Apr 20, 2009

    This morning's Snackshot comes to us courtesy of aynsavoy and Farrago: From the photographer's description: "Cioppino at Farrago, near my office in Midtown. Snapper, tillapia, mussels, and sh... More >>

  • A Long Way to Mango

    A Long Way to Mango

    published Apr 16, 2009

    In the mood for something light, I made a trip over to the newly-reopened Mango's at lunch to try their new all-vegetarian menu firsthand.The freshly-painted exterior with its charming patio and the s... More >>

  • Graeter's Makes a Sweet Texas Debut

    published Apr 16, 2009

    Graeter's ice cream -- the only delicious food to come out of Cincinnati (we're looking at you and your abominable bastardization of a perfectly good dish, Cincinnati "chili") -- has ... More >>

  • 1600° of Sear: Fleming's Now Open at Town & Country Village

    1600° of Sear: Fleming's Now Open at Town & Country Village

    published Apr 15, 2009

    Fleming's Steakhouse at Town & Country Village is now open, the newest entry in the quickly expanding dining scene on the west side of town.  This marks the third Fleming's to open in ... More >>

  • Feast and Reef Nab Top Honors Once Again

    Feast and Reef Nab Top Honors Once Again

    published Apr 14, 2009

    Feast and Reef have once again been honored at a national level, this time as two of the Best New U.S. Restaurants according to Travel + Leisure magazine.  But more than two Houston restaura... More >>

  • Snackshot: Nachos at the Juice Box

    Snackshot: Nachos at the Juice Box

    published Apr 13, 2009

    While some fuss has been made over the new food at Minute Maid Park this year -- Aramark is now offering items such as "healthy" salads, fish tacos, various vegetarian items and a rather unappeal... More >>

  • The Houston Press Now On Flickr; LOLCat Submissions Not Accepted

    published Apr 13, 2009

    That's right.  We're on Flickr now and we want your photos. Amateur or professional, we're looking for the best pictures from around Houston to feature on Hair Balls each week.  Sporting eve... More >>

  • Ha-Peep Easter!

    published Apr 12, 2009

    Easter has arrived, which means one very important thing for millions of Americans across the nation: they can once again feel free to indulge in the sweets or wine or Mexican food they gave up f... More >>

  • Starbucks' Artisan Bacon Sandwich: Taking One for the Team

    published Apr 10, 2009

    I took one for the team this morning and finally consented to try one of Starbucks' new artisan breakfast sandwiches that have been created as part of an effort to put "real food" into the... More >>

  • Fresh Mango

    published Apr 09, 2009

    Mango's has undergone a serious facelift. What previously used to be a mediocre Mexican restaurant (owned by the same folks who run El Pueblito) at Westheimer and Taft has been tranformed into a vege... More >>

  • Feast: An Outstanding Newcomer, According to New York Times

    Feast: An Outstanding Newcomer, According to New York Times

    published Apr 09, 2009

    New York Times food writer Frank Bruni is on an enviable assignment these days, scouring the country for the best and most creative new restaurants.  It's no surprise to anyone who's eaten a... More >>

  • Texas Salutes You, Mr. (or Ms.) Beer Drinker!

    published Apr 09, 2009

    Why do we salute you?  Because your enjoyment of a cold mug of suds has contributed $16 billion to the Texas economy in the last year, far more than our budding entertainment industry (onl... More >>

  • Cooking Shows Are Going to the Dogs

    published Apr 08, 2009

    In today's world of cooking shows on every network from PBS to Bravo to the Travel Channel, there's a format for every viewer. Like cutesy meals that don't require a lot of effort? ... More >>

  • Seder You There!

    published Apr 08, 2009

    Passover begins tonight at sundown and if you haven't already made plans for Seder tonight or tomorrow night, we've got you covered. Seder, one of the most vital Jewish holidays,&nb... More >>

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