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  • Octopus Cocktail at Connie's Seafood Market

    published Mar 06, 2009

    Admit it.  It's just fun to say: octopus cocktail.  You want to say it five times fast.  Go on.  Try.  When you're done, head over to Connie's Seafood Market on ... More >>

  • Las Alamedas: What's Left Behind

    published Mar 05, 2009

    The marquee outside Las Alamedas says it all: 28 Great Years.  Thank You Houston.  We Will Relocate. After an extended battle with their landlords -- who greedily increased the monthl... More >>

  • The Best Block in Houston Gets Better

    published Mar 05, 2009

    Known to fans as "The Best Block in Houston," 3600 Main houses some of the city's best, quirkiest and most diverse establishments: Tacos A Go-Go, t'afia, The Breakfast Klub, Sig's Lagoon... More >>

  • Once, Twice, Three Times a Lunatic

    published Mar 04, 2009

    By now, you've probably heard the news about the gem of a lady in Florida (there's a reason Florida has its own tag on FARK, you know...) who called 911 not once, not twice, but three times to ... More >>

  • A Taste of the Tasting Room

    published Mar 04, 2009

    Chef Steve Super has Gulf Coast cuisine honed to a fine art, surprising for someone who hails from Vermont and only recently made Texas his home. This time last year, Super was the execut... More >>

  • Brennan's to Reopen; 125 Jobs and One New Tree to be Added to Midtown

    Brennan's to Reopen; 125 Jobs and One New Tree to be Added to Midtown

    published Mar 03, 2009

    One of the more visible and poignant victims of Hurricane Ike's wrath last year was Brennan's, the family-run restaurant that had served turtle soup and Bananas Foster to Houstonians from the... More >>

  • Bawitda-Brew

    published Feb 23, 2009

    If there's one thing that comes to mind when I'm craving a cold beer, it's a greasy, stringy, overrated singer from Detroit with a penchant for wifebeaters, sloppy seconds and further denegrating... More >>

  • Depart From Me! I Never Knew You, Eaters of Bacon

    published Feb 23, 2009

    Did you know that Joel Osteen is kicking it old school now?  And by old school, I mean Old Testament.  Straight outta Hebron! The new-agey motivational speaker preacher at Lakewood Ch... More >>

  • Depart From Me! I Never Knew You, Eaters of Bacon

    published Feb 23, 2009

    Did you know that Joel Osteen is kicking it old school now?  And by old school, I mean Old Testament.  Straight outta Hebron! The new-agey motivational speaker preacher at Lakewood Ch... More >>

  • Taking Stock of Galveston's Restaurants

    Taking Stock of Galveston's Restaurants

    published Feb 22, 2009

    Driving along Broadway on your way into the heart of Galveston, it would appear that the island has finally sprung back to life five months after Hurricane Ike passed directly over it.&n... More >>

  • Spring Is Here at MAX's Wine Dive

    published Feb 21, 2009

    Colorful tattoos, handlebar mustache and calm but vivacious energy, Chef Michael dei Maggi holds court at MAX's Wine Dive like the king and the court jester all at once. As... More >>

  • Free Cooking Classes: Monica Pope is Plum Crazy

    published Feb 20, 2009

    And I mean that in the best possible way, of course.  In addition to creating one of the more popular farmers markets in town, Monica Pope -- head chef at locavore paradise t'afia -- ... More >>

  • Avery Cask-Conditioned Ale at the Petrol Station

    Avery Cask-Conditioned Ale at the Petrol Station

    published Feb 19, 2009

    Running errands last Sunday took me past the Petrol Station on Wakefield at Golf, in the gently tree-lined neighborhood of Oak Forest. The Petrol Station is a popular watering hole -- with both fre... More >>

  • A New Way to Crawl

    published Feb 19, 2009

    Any Houstonian who's fond of beer is familiar with Saint Arnold, our hometown hero microbrewery.  And anyone familiar with Saint Arnold has been on at least one of their famed pub crawls t... More >>

  • Montrose Makes Way for Vinoteca Poscol

    published Feb 15, 2009

    The rumors flew when beloved Belgian restaurant Cafe Montrose closed late last year after Hurricane Ike.  Patrons hungry for their fix of moules, frites and Chimay were baffled w... More >>

  • Adios Otilia's? Not So Fast.

    published Feb 14, 2009

    Word hit the streets this week that Otilia's, the venerable restaurant on Long Point which has served old-fashioned interior Mexican cuisine for almost twenty years, was on the auction block.... More >>

  • Hangover Brunch at the Hotel Galvez

    published Feb 13, 2009

    Hangover brunch sounds a bit juvenile, come to think of it.  But let's be honest: if you're staying overnight in Galveston on one of the upcoming Mardi Gras weekends, chances are that you ar... More >>

  • Follow Friday for Foodies

    published Feb 13, 2009

    The group collective on Twitter, the increasingly popular micro-blogging and social networking platform, has developed a recent tradition called Follow Friday.  Follow Friday is part circle jerk,... More >>

  • Las Problemas con Las Alamedas

    published Feb 13, 2009

    No matter what you may think of the food, there's no denying that the nearly three decade old Las Alamedas -- that familiar pink stucco sight along Katy Freeway -- has one of the most beauti... More >>

  • It's Not a Thyroid Problem

    published Feb 10, 2009's the Corn Dog Pizza you just horked down. One of modern society's greatest questions is now succinctly answered in a single website: This Is Why You're Fat.  Included in the website... More >>

  • Bodega's Taco Shop: Spicing Up the Museum District

    published Feb 06, 2009

    Houstonians have long-lamented the dearth of restaurants in the Museum District.  In other cities, such destination neighborhoods have plenty of dining action but not in Houston.  Inste... More >>

  • Lunch at 300: Some Things Never Change

    published Feb 06, 2009

    When some coworkers suggested heading over to the newly-refurbished bowling alley down the street for lunch, I balked.  I'd had my mouth set for some refreshing kimchee and ... More >>

  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza at Russo's

    published Feb 03, 2009

    Houston's second Russo's New York Coal-Fired Pizza (their name is as much a mouthful as their enormous slices), located next to a Charming Charlie's on I-10 at Echo Lane, has only been ... More >>

  • Slam One Down For Free

    published Feb 02, 2009

    Are you hungry for breakfast?  Are you poor (or at least cheap)?  Good news! Just in time for the recession, all Denny's restaurants across the nation are offering their Grand Slam brea... More >>

  • Houston's Own Artisanal Gelato

    published Jan 30, 2009

    The dulce de leche gelato was masterful: velvety smooth with that familiar thick sweetness, but not overwhelmingly so.  Some dulce de leche treats take on an overpowering, ... More >>

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