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1998 Stories by Liz Belile

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  • Rotation

    published December 24, 1998

    Pearl Jam Live on Two Legs Epic Pearl Jam is an unlikely story of how a band learned to do things its own way. It began with the... More >>

  • A Bug's Life

    published December 17, 1998

    To say that Karen Brandreth is an eclectic entrepreneur is something of an understatement. The pretty blonde with the big smile is a singer, a... More >>

  • Tired and on a Farewell Tour?

    published November 19, 1998

    Bearing the cross of "Next Big Thing" since their 1993 debut, Icky Mettle, Chapel Hill, N.C.'s Archers of Loaf have never been able to put it... More >>

  • An Open Mike Poetry Slam-pler

    published November 12, 1998

    Ah, the 21st-century Open Mike Poetry Reading: Shameless public self-gratification or shamanistic poet/audience communion? Embracing social event... More >>

  • Night & Day

    published August 20, 1998

    Thursday August 20 Legendary dancer/choreographer George Balanchine once said, "All leading dancers want to dance Swan Lake at least... More >>

  • Night & Day

    published August 13, 1998

    Thursday August 13 He's a country comedian -- a Stetson-wearin', story-tellin' guitar player from Longview, Texas -- but don't go... More >>

  • Night & Day

    published August 6, 1998

    Thursday August 6 Jake Johannsen's shtick, starting out, was the nerdy guy hesitantly stammering his way through long takes on... More >>

  • The Blacksmith Webmaster

    published July 30, 1998

    Under a spreading chestnut tree The village smithy stands; The smith, a mighty man is he, With large and sinewy hands; ... More >>

  • 'Round Yonder Virgin

    published May 28, 1998

    BLANCO -- Jesus in a tortilla. The Virgin Mary's shadow in a tree. Elvis at the Rothko Chapel. We Texans are used to seeing holy apparitions in... More >>

  • Rotation

    published February 26, 1998

    Kristin Hersh Strange Angels Rykodisc When sung to children, lullabies are meant to induce sleep. When sung to adults by Kristin... More >>

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