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  • 2008 - Southern California Journalism Awards/LA Press Club, published April 5, 2007

    "Fight Club"

  • 2008 - Southern California Journalism Awards/LA Press Club, published July 5, 2007

    "Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em"

  • 2007 - Southern California Journalism Awards/LA Press Club, published July 20, 2006

    "Unreal Estate"

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  • Reality Bites

    published November 29, 2001

    This is the true story of seven people (Tommy! Annie! Ashley! Maria! Griffin! Carpo! and Benjamin!) picked to live in a city and have their lives... More >>

  • Fade to Black

    published November 8, 2001

    It doesn't take much probing beneath the thin surface to see Shallow Hal as an apologia of sorts from Bobby and Peter Farrelly. The... More >>

  • Dead Last

    published October 18, 2001

    Some guys have the kind of face that suggests they've been to hell and back. The narrow, steely eyes, graying hair and deep lines crisscrossing... More >>

  • Cross Ways

    published October 4, 2001

    It's generally considered a violation of the unwritten code of film criticism to reveal anything that happens more than halfway into a movie, let... More >>

  • No Moor

    published August 30, 2001

    What is it that people get out of Shakespeare's plays? That's as relevant a question as it ever was, given the number of updates and reimaginings... More >>

  • The Mild West

    published August 16, 2001

    On the lips of many moviegoers, the name of Joel Schumacher is tantamount to blasphemy. Visions of a blue-skinned Arnold Schwarzenegger and a... More >>

  • Dyno Lite

    published July 19, 2001

    A third Jurassic Park movie was of course inevitable, given that the second shattered box office records (it also shattered the... More >>

  • Fully Realized Fantasy

    published July 19, 2001

    Just so we don't get too far off track here, it should be stated up front what Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is not,... More >>

  • Crocodile Tears

    published May 31, 2001

    Ever since Quentin Tarantino came along, it's been hard to predict what you'll find playing at the art-house theater. Why, many of these so-called... More >>

  • Clipped Wings

    published May 17, 2001

    Chances are you don't know a whole lot about Angel Eyes other than it's the brand-new Jennifer Lopez movie. Maybe you also know that... More >>

  • Too Green

    published April 19, 2001

    If you don't like Tom Green, there's no point going anywhere near Freddy Got Fingered. It's not likely to make a convert out of you.... More >>

  • Mass (Murder) Media

    published March 22, 2001

    Around 20 years ago, writing under a pseudonym, Stephen King made a couple of rare forays into science fiction with the short novels The Long... More >>

  • Empty Visions

    published March 8, 2001

    Hollywood appears to be developing a healthy sense of humor about Valentine's Day, which, from this cynic's perspective, is a good thing. In the... More >>

  • Shotgun Wedding

    published January 25, 2001

    The Wedding Planner begins with footage of a seven-year-old girl performing a matrimonial ceremony with her Barbies, a fitting... More >>

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