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1994 Stories by Matt Zoller Seitz

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  • Little Women, Big Film

    published December 29, 1994

    Gillian Armstrong, the director of Little Women, isn't a daring, kinetic film artist, like Martin Scorsese or Peter Jackson or Jane Campion. She's... More >>

  • Low Fashion

    published December 22, 1994

    It's quite a compliment to say that an artist's failures are more interesting than most of his colleagues' successes. That description certainly... More >>

  • Love and Bore

    published December 15, 1994

    There are two kinds of bad movies: actively bad and passively bad. An actively bad one can prove perversely enjoyable. You sit there gazing up at... More >>

  • Do More Cuts Mean Less Shoots?

    published December 15, 1994

    Houston filmmaker Eagle Pennell has done pretty well for himself in recent years. Working as an independent, he's managed to complete three films... More >>

  • A Brilliant Red

    published December 8, 1994

    For several years now, I've wondered if I simply didn't get the movies of Krzysztof Kieslowski, the Polish filmmaker who specializes in fare so... More >>

  • Hot and Bothersome

    published December 8, 1994

    Adapted from Michael Crichton's bestseller about sexual harassment and office intrigue in a high tech Seattle computer company, Disclosure is a... More >>

  • Friends and Fantasy

    published December 1, 1994

    Peter Jackson might be the boldest English-language director working today -- or at least the boldest whose films are seen by almost no one. His... More >>

  • Cyberdreams

    published December 1, 1994

    One hot day during the summer of 1992, David Rains wondered exactly what the hell he was doing driving back and forth every weekend from his home... More >>

  • Hollow Points

    published November 24, 1994

    The Professional, the English-language debut of acclaimed French thriller director Luc Besson, is an old chestnut with a shiny new high tech... More >>

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