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1995 Stories by Matt Zoller Seitz

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  • Distant Thunder

    published March 16, 1995

    Before the Rain, a three-part anthology of stories from the war-torn Balkan nation of Macedonia, is as powerful and passionate an examination of... More >>

  • To Hell and Back

    published March 9, 1995

    There's a good reason why the new thriller Hideaway is proudly designated as "A Film by Brett Leonard," a name few casual moviegoers would... More >>

  • The Evil and the Stupid

    published March 2, 1995

    It's pointless to respectfully review a film as ineptly written, indifferently directed and slothfully performed as Just Cause, the new legal... More >>

  • Dead Bang

    published February 16, 1995

    About ten minutes into Sam Raimi's Western The Quick and the Dead, his nomadic, gunslinging heroine, Ellen (Sharon Stone), slouches down in a... More >>

  • Barely There

    published February 16, 1995

    Set in 1817 during the aftermath of the Napoleonic wars, Colonel Chabert is about a legendary soldier, presumed dead, who returns home to discover... More >>

  • Seaside Bliss

    published February 9, 1995

    First-time feature filmmaker David Frankel's Miami Rhapsody is so fleet-footed, cheerful and entertaining that it's tempting to dismiss it as just... More >>

  • Disorder in the Court

    published February 2, 1995

    Many people in the court of King George III, the protagonist of a fascinating new British comedy by director Nicholas Hytner, suspected something... More >>

  • Slack time

    published January 26, 1995

    Most movie fans have a filmmaker they latch onto, take to heart and enthusiastically root for. Their triumphs make you euphoric and their failures... More >>

  • Throne of Blood

    published January 26, 1995

    Raucous, bawdy, sexy and violent, Queen Margot is history as feverishly overwrought soap opera -- history painted in tears, sweat, blood and... More >>

  • Mother Lode

    published January 19, 1995

    It's not at all surprising that now Susan Sarandon has finally edged away from earthy sexpot roles and begun embracing characters with maternal... More >>

  • B.S. 101

    published January 12, 1995

    Writer-director John Singleton's Boyz N the Hood was a triumph of intimate storytelling -- an African-American melodrama set in a bullet-riddled... More >>

  • Sounding the Soul

    published January 5, 1995

    In the middle of the public premiere of Ludwig van Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, the elderly, decrepit, bitter composer leaves his seat in the... More >>

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