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1998 Stories by Melanie Haupt

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  • Rotation

    published December 10, 1998

    Portishead PNYC London On PNYC, Bristol, England's Portishead indulges itself and its film interest; this is the soundtrack to a... More >>

  • Motley Fools

    published December 3, 1998

    Motley Crue are certainly a band who are living up to the idea of rock and roll excesses, and then some. Drinking, debauchery and trashing hotel... More >>

  • A Little Lunch Music

    published November 26, 1998

    I admit: Not everyone was cut out to be Al DiMeola or Leo Kottke. But deep inside even the most buttoned-down of us, there's some kind of guitar... More >>

  • Tired and on a Farewell Tour?

    published November 19, 1998

    Bearing the cross of "Next Big Thing" since their 1993 debut, Icky Mettle, Chapel Hill, N.C.'s Archers of Loaf have never been able to put it... More >>

  • An Open Mike Poetry Slam-pler

    published November 12, 1998

    Ah, the 21st-century Open Mike Poetry Reading: Shameless public self-gratification or shamanistic poet/audience communion? Embracing social event... More >>

  • Night & Day

    published October 22, 1998

    Thursday October 22 We're living in an age in which a government-funded entity, the National Endowment for the Arts, has the power... More >>

  • Rain Dance

    published October 15, 1998

    Three women stand at the front of a stage, wearing nothing but cardboard storm clouds with stick-on name tags affixed to their, er ... lapels.... More >>

  • Night & Day

    published October 15, 1998

    Thursday October 15 Fifty years ago, a choreographer named George Balanchine started a little outfit called the New York City... More >>

  • Night & Day

    published October 8, 1998

    Thursday October 8 Anyone who ever fantasized as a youngster about the person they would become and who their soul mate would be can... More >>

  • Tori Can Dance

    published October 1, 1998

    Tori Amos has certainly earned her reputation as the eccentric woman on pop music's fringes. Her piano-bench gyrations and provocative lyrics... More >>

  • Night & Day

    published October 1, 1998

    Thursday October 1, 1998 W.S. Merwin wrote, "I want to tell what the forests were like / I will have to speak in a forgotten... More >>

  • Night & Day

    published September 24, 1998

    Thursday September 24 You thought Lilith Fair had come and gone from our lovely city for the year, right? Well, you're right, but if... More >>

  • Manafest Destiny

    published September 24, 1998

    Salseros and Tejano acts dominate the Latin radio market here, but Rock en Espanol is making inroads. Led by a Guadalajara-based foursome called... More >>

  • Night & Day

    published August 6, 1998

    Thursday August 6 Jake Johannsen's shtick, starting out, was the nerdy guy hesitantly stammering his way through long takes on... More >>

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