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2001 Stories by Melissa Hung

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  • Taking Aim

    published October 18, 2001

    In Huntsville recently, the Texas Board of Criminal Justice approved policy changes that eliminate the requirement for guards to fire warning... More >>

  • Missing Mantis

    published October 11, 2001

    If leprechauns were full-grown, they might resemble something like Ron Lee Wehnes, whose ruddy face sports a bulbous nose and a short beard. And... More >>

  • Drug Resistant

    published September 13, 2001

    Randall Shook's body was at war with itself. Sitting on the concrete floor, Shook gathered his legs close to his chest and groaned. Chills... More >>

  • Tooned In To Anime

    published August 2, 2001

    Every year for the past 12 years, fans of anime -- Japanese animation -- have converged on Dallas in the summer heat for their own special... More >>

  • In Highest Praise

    published August 2, 2001

    You wouldn't know by looking at Bobby Beaver that he is an anime fan. He wears normal clothes for a 31-year-old man: polo shirts and jeans, with... More >>

  • Tick Tock, Your Time Is Up

    published July 26, 2001

    Ask Eliza how she came to be an artist, and she simply says, "I was already one," as if at her conception, genes marked the developing glob of... More >>

  • Hair Line

    published July 19, 2001

    Consider the power of hair: The hair-care industry is worth $50 billion a year. A 2000 Yale University study found that bad haircuts bring down... More >>

  • Red Light, Green Light

    published June 7, 2001

    Craig Gerhard was driving back to Houston from a camping trip at Lake Somerville two weekends ago when a billboard along U.S. Highway 290 caught... More >>

  • Racist Radio?

    published May 3, 2001

    As he usually does on his commute to work, Jordan tuned in to 93Q Country radio station on April 12. At about 6:45 a.m. Jordan heard the three... More >>

  • Zeroing In

    published April 12, 2001

    Comics may crack jokes about President George W. Bush's intelligence, but he shouldn't have to tax his brain too hard to remember the eight digits... More >>

  • Captive Emotions

    published March 29, 2001

    Reagan Hamilton, thin as a twig, tough as bark, looked out over the podium at her captive audience. Dressed in prison whites and seated neatly at... More >>

  • Laesha Powell and Redina Castillo

    published March 29, 2001

    Although Laesha's father was absent for most of her childhood, doing time for drug offenses, she didn't begin hating him until her 13th birthday.... More >>

  • Dorothy Galloway

    published March 29, 2001

    When Dorothy was seven, she started washing her own clothes. Never mind that she couldn't reach the dials; she just climbed on top of the machine.... More >>

  • Antonio Bass

    published March 29, 2001

    For a good number of his 18 years, Antonio caused trouble. He broke into cars, busted out windows, got suspended from school and "caught three... More >>

  • Mystery Code

    published March 8, 2001

    As a sophomore, Chas Davis became so disenchanted with his school that he began wearing a bright orange shirt paired with orange insulated wind... More >>

  • Border Line

    published March 1, 2001

    The line starts at the door, stretches down the wheelchair ramp and around a corner, continues along the left side of the building and spills out... More >>

  • Rejection Slips

    published January 25, 2001

    They sat, side by side, outside the immigration courtroom on a row of red vinyl chairs, waiting. Fernando leaned forward in his seat, tapping his... More >>

  • Plugged In

    published January 4, 2001

    Dale Brooks had the hardest time getting inspection stickers for his car this year. He visited seven places until someone knew what to do with his... More >>

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